Nobody is Paying Attention to Him: Obama Lectures Journalists

Barack Obama must have been still licking his wounds from his latest diss from ol’ Fidel when he delivered his address scolding journalists on Sunday at the 2016 Toner Prize Ceremony.

“It’s worth asking ourselves what each of us — as politicians, as journalists, but most of all as citizens — may have done” to create the polarized political atmosphere. Some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, but all of us are responsible for reversing it.”

Obama suggested to journalists that there were greater responsibilities than “handing someone a microphone.” Hint: so is the presidency, BHO. While no names were mentioned specifically, we know, (after eight years of passive-aggressive lecturing) that Obama was referring to Trump, of course. Trump, Trump, Trump. The Donald is all over our newsfeeds. Seems poor Barry is not feeling enveloped in the journalistic love these days. Nobody is paying attention to him.

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Ava Gardner