Eric Holder’s DOJ Charged With Nepotism

The Executive Director of the INTERPOL office at the Department of Justice has been caught using his position to secure jobs for his son and three of his son’s friends, Washington Times is reporting.  In fact, the director—Warren Lewis—never even met two of the people he secured jobs for.

“Lewis had no personal knowledge of their professional abilities,” the inspector general said. “After the three individuals all failed to make the certified lists of qualified applicants, Lewis took steps to overcome their exclusion.”

It gets even better: he’s the Ethics Official for his office.  Of course he is.

He’s not the only one at the DOJ using jobs as party favors and prizes, however.  Last year, “investigators found the environment of managers hiring their children and friends was so pervasive that it ‘infected the entire organization from the highest levels down.'”  Eric Holder sure runs a tight ship.  Keep in mind that this corruption fest is the Department of Justice.

In one particularly lovely example, the Assistant Human Resources Director, Pamela Cabell-Edelen, wanted her daughter to get hired so badly that when running around lobbying for her didn’t work, she changed the job description on a posting so that her daughter would have a better chance of getting the job.

What was done about that, by the way?  Nothing.

Investigators said they also believe that Ms. Cabell-Edelen lied under oath in an attempt to cover up the nepotism accusations, but were unable to take any disciplinary action since she had already retired.

In Lewis’ case, his son Peter was living at home and paying rent.  Getting his son a job meant Peter would keep paying him.

Now let’s add in this little tidbit:

It’s at least the fifth inspector general report since 2004 to find hiring problems at the agency.

Why are citizens continuing to allow this?  Why do we read these stories, shake our heads, grumble a bit, and then turn the TV back on?

There is no excuse for this conduct, no excuse for public officials doing this.  They should be removed from their office by the people, and barred from ever holding another public position again…but they won’t be.



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