#DemDebate: Hillary And Bernie BickerFest Round 1 [Video]

#DemDebate: Hillary And Bernie BickerFest Round 1  [Video]

So, last night Bernie and Hillary, the two senior citizen candidates went head to head…or was it toe to toe? Either way, it was well, interesting.


I could pick apart all the things each one said about the other…or even their stance on the issues. But what it came down to was a hissy fit of epic proportions. But first, someone either neglected to do a mic check or both their hearing aids were on the fritz

That was an observation early on… and it just kept getting worse. I mean, Hillary was even advised by the folks over at Time that she needed to avoid the shrill effect, and she obviously ignored it. As for Bernie? Well he just yells anyway sooo… Let the bickering begin!

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