The New Normal? Boat Load of Illegals Successfully Storms San Diego Beach

In case you missed it, since our do-nothing media is laser-focused on Sofia Vergara’s Emmy Awards stunt and the marriage of Brangelina, on Monday and Tuesday this happened:

Curiously, vacationers and locals were shocked!!! that illegals who’ve received the amnesty message loud and clear would dare to…take advantage of it.

Like a scene out of the Film Red Dawn, illegals storm Mission Beach in San Diego.
Like a scene out of the film Red Dawn, illegals storm San Diego’s Mission Beach.
On Tuesday, a second boat full of illegals was thwarted by CBP off the shores of San Diego. The illegals from Monday's invasion are still at large.
On Tuesday, a second boat full of illegals was thwarted by CBP off the shores of San Diego.

Meanwhile, from Monday’s invasion, at least a dozen illegals of unknown origin are still running around, unchecked, with Lord knows what intentions, while agents continue to search for them.

Barack Obama and the quaking-in-their-boots Congress has caused this brazen invasion of our country with their irresponsible open borders, promises of amnesty in exchange for violating our rules, and cowardice in holding the lawless Barack Obama accountable. It’s the “new normal” in an upside down world where we are no longer a nation of laws, but a country whose own federal government regularly models insubordination. And as soon as The King waves his staff and grants amnesty to the millions of illegals already here, without repercussion—and it’s looking more and more likely by the day—while continuing to leave our borders, and now our seas, wide open to anyone who cares to waltz, or heck fishing boat, right in, more will do so. Without a second thought. And without any respect for our sovereignty. Thankfully, we still have a Border Patrol—albeit a decidedly less effective one—trying their best to do their jobs, no thanks to a POTUS whose preference clearly sides with anyone other than American citizens.

Calling all “Wolverines!” Enough.

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