ISIS Hates the #BurnIsisFlagChallenge: After Burning ISIS Flag, 50 Iraqis Kidnapped

So apparently ISIS isn’t happy with the latest social media trend going viral called, #BurnIsisFlagChallenge, started a few days ago by teenagers in Lebanon. They’ve now reportedly kidnapped fifty Iraqi villagers who publicly joined in the campaign and burned the ISIS flag.

A security source in Kirkuk province on Thursday stated that “The ISIS group have kidnapped 50 civilians who belong to one of the villages in the province, shortly after the people of the village burned the ISIS flag to declare their opposition of the ISIS existence in south of Kirkuk.”

But this particular clan isn’t cowering in the corner, taking the kidnapping and potential beheading of their people by ISIS laying down.

From the same article:

The source said that a group of militants driving armored cars this afternoon blockaded al-Tal village, 55 km in the west from Kirkuk, then kidnapped 50 men from the village.

A resident in the province expressed there is a furious anger upon the ISIS for kidnapping the Iraqi civilians, noting that the armed clans in the province to seek clash plan with the ISIS militants if their kidnapped relatives are set not free.

Muslims in the ME taking up arms against ISIS. Think about that. I know I like it.

Of course, not all Muslims are happy about this viral social media campaign called #BurnIsisFlagChallenge. Apparently the Lebanese Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, wants everyone burning the ISIS flags to face the “sternest punishments” possible. WTH? He says his objection is because the Muslim declaration of faith, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his Prophet”, is on the flag and burning anything with that phrase on it is “outrageous and dangerously provocative”. Wait. We knowoutrageous and provocative“. So clearly Rifi is either a sympathizer or a coward — or both.

But some in the Middle East are taking this social media campaign quite seriously. Check this out:

And this.

Google or Twitter it. It’s everywhere. But remember: ISIS is a blood thirsty savage. Just this weekend, they added the heads of 2 Lebanese soldiers to their collection. This social media campaign isn’t the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. The young people who do engage and promote this campaign in the ME are taking real risks. We admire their courage.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure how to engage in the #BurnIsisFlagChallenge campaign but want to, below is a video from the ME that’s gone viral. If you emulate this one, do it outdoors.

“Blow torch’d” – MacGyver style. Nice!

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