After Hurricane Matthew, Will the Clintons Rip Off Haiti Again? [VIDEO]

After Hurricane Matthew, Will the Clintons Rip Off Haiti Again? [VIDEO]

Hurricane Matthew’s butcher’s bill in Haiti is horrendous and still growing — as of this writing 842 people have perished. Tens of thousands are homeless.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton will reach out to that beleaguered nation. After all, she and Bill have fond memories of the island. In 2012, at the opening of an industrial site in Haiti, Hillary gushed: “We came here for the first time together, just after we were married, and fell in love with Haiti. We have had a deep connection to and with Haiti ever since.”


She has deep connections, alright. Crony connections. They were on full display after the 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti, and Hillary called in the Clinton Foundation to save the day.

Let’s think back on how Bill and Hillary ripped off the traumatized people of Haiti:

  • Caracol Industrial Park. This reconstruction project was talked up big but delivered little. The Clinton Foundation crowed that the park would provide up to 60,000 garment jobs in northern Haiti. When it opened in 2012, the Clintons were on hand to celebrate, along with celebrities like Sean Penn, Donna Karan, and Ben Stiller. Caracol was to be the dawn of a “new day” in Haiti. But building the park required that Haitian farmers be displaced from their land. The 25,000 homes that were promised materialized into only 6000. Caracol has created only 5000 jobs, and exports little.
  • Digicel Mobile Phone Scam. It was tantalizing for poor Haitians: Hillary Clinton’s State Department gave away free cell phones from Digicel. Sounds great, right? Well, the devil is in the fine print. The phones may have been free, but the service? Eh, not so much. Haitians were charged by Digicel for each call they made. Who owns this company? Denis O’Brien, a close friend of the Clintons and a lavish donor to — you guessed it, the Clinton Foundation.
  • Mining Company Deal, with a Former Prison Guard. Why would an American gold mining company hire a former prison guard to help it secure a mining permit from Haiti? On its face, it makes no sense. But nothing is out-of-bounds for the Clintons. In 2013, Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham landed a contract for gold mining company VCS, one of two given by the Haitian government. He landed a “finder’s fee” from VCS in addition to a position on its advisory board — pretty heady stuff for former prison guard Hugh Rodham.

And let’s not forget the infamous trailers.

Clinton Emails: State Dept “Lost” Them And White House Conspired To Hide Evidence [VIDEO]

Clinton Emails: State Dept “Lost” Them And White House Conspired To Hide Evidence [VIDEO]

Hurricane Matthew isn’t the only problem wreaking havoc in this country. The debacle called Hurricane Hillary just keeps building and building. No, its not the awkward ad buy…

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