Remembering D-Day: Yesterday, Today, and Always

This past Friday was a momentous occasion. We as a nation commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day. In reality very little was written about this momentous, sacred occasion  in the mainstream media. Yes, President Obama went to France and gave a speech. But the more impressive story about that event was that an 89-year-old World War II vet named George Ciampa exercised one of his rights for which he fought on the beaches of Normandy 70 years ago — the Constitutional right to free association. In fact, Mr. Ciampa chose not to associate with someone with whose policies he disagrees — President Obama.

George Ciampa
George Ciampa

The White extended an invitation to Mr. Ciampa when they found out that he would be in France for the 70th anniversary. It was to be a private meeting with the President. Mr. Ciampa gave the invitaiton a great deal of thought, and he graciously declined. It was his right. He fought for it.

Sadly, one liberal blogger (whose name is given only as “Alan”) at Liberaland distorts the story (polite way of saying he outright lies) this way:

Hatred of President Obama extends to an 89-year-old veteran who declined an invitation to meet with him during D-Day festivities in France, according to John Fund.

Two things immediately jump out as lies in this one sentence. First is the lie that Mr. Ciampa hates Mr. Obama. This is the liberal line, according to the methodology of Saul Alinsky. Second is the attribution of that assertion to John Fund, a distinguished, respected writer for the National Review. Fund makes no such assertion whatsoever about Mr. Ciampa’s motivation for declining the President’s invitation. But since Mr. Alan is a liberal, he does not care about writing what is true. Rather, he distorts reality to fit his own agenda — that of causing division. After all, when your leader sets that example, his loyal subjects will follow his lead.

Honor Flights: Being in the Presence of Greatness

Today is June 1, and patriotic Americans know that we will soon commemorate a very solemn occasion. This  Friday, June 6 , will be the 70th anniversary…

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