It’s Official: Election 2016 Has Boarded the Crazy Train [VIDEOS]

It’s Official: Election 2016 Has Boarded the Crazy Train [VIDEOS]

The election is two days away, and the national psyche seems to be unraveling.

Exhibit A: On Saturday night, Secret Service whisked Donald Trump off stage at a rally in Nevada. Attendees at the rally reported seeing a man with a gun, but no weapon was found.

Here is the suspect being removed under heavy escort.

Trump returned to the stage. The scare over, reporters went back to their usual modus operandi: blame Trump for bringing on the threat. Glenn Thrush of POLITICO came up with this beaut, which he deleted. But, of course, the internet is forever. Here’s a screenshot.

Click to enlarge.

Back-pedal, back-pedal. Thrush tried to explain what he meant — after getting called out on Twitter.

Uh huh. Riiiight.

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