Ebola America: More Healthcare Workers Monitored, Calls for CDC Director to Resign

Yesterday, we learned the identity of the brave, young nurse who’s tested positive for Ebola, and is now herself fighting the virus. And that Ebola funding has been diverted by the Obama Administration and the CDC to—big shocker—priorities other than Ebola. Further, it’s been reported that approximately 70 other healthcare workers also had contact with the now-deceased Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan and, consequently, monitoring has been broadened to include them. The new observations are in addition to the original 48 people Duncan came into contact with prior to isolation.

“On Monday, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the infection of the nurse means the agency must broaden the pool of people getting close monitoring. Authorities have said they do not know how the nurse was infected, but they suspect some kind of breach in the hospital’s protocol.”

Hmm…as recently as about 48 hours ago, there was, according to the CDC talking head, Dr. Tom Frieden, just one other person being watched who reportedly came into direct contact with the nurse who now has Ebola. Now that’s ballooned to at least 70 more who treated Duncan. And—get this—76% of surveyed nurses report they’ve received no official policy on admitting patients with Ebola, and 85% report they’ve received no educational training sessions.

Let that sink in.

Most nurses say they’ve received no admitting policy and no training on how to deal with Ebola. Just. Wow.

The information leaking out seems to morph daily, conflicting with information released literally hours earlier. Besides the hazmat, something stinks in Dallas.

BREAKING: Dallas Healthcare Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

We wake to the awful news this morning that a 2nd person has been diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas. No, it isn’t one of Thomas Eric Duncan’s family…

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