#DemsInPhilly: Obama and Clinton Trumped

#DemsInPhilly: Obama and Clinton Trumped

To be clear, Donald J. Trump was not my first choice to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016. He was my number 16 choice. Governor John Kasich from my birth state of Ohio was my number 17 choice. However, what’s done is done. My husband worked in Midtown Manhattan for many years and I am a fan of Trump buildings.

That being said.

The Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia has been a Trump-a-thon so far. Even while they were “Feeling the Bern”, Convention speakers were still feeling a little Trumpish. Last night, Donald J. Trump totally nested in their brains.

Shannon Bream of Fox News tweeted this:

"USA" is a Trump chant!?
“USA” is a Trump chant!?

Poor little snowflake.

Behold this video evidence:

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