Latest ISIS Spokesman Spent “Significant Time” In U.S.

The “spokesman” in the ISIS video released over Valentines Day weekend could have ties to the U.S. according to a linguistics specialist from North Carolina State University. Professor of acoustics and dialects Erick Thomas says it isn’t clear whether or not the figure in the video is actually from America, or simply lived here as a child for a prolonged amount of time. During an interview on “The Real Story” on Wednesday afternoon of this week, Thomas explained.

“He clearly spent a significant amount of his childhood in the United States,” Thomas told Gretchen Carlson on “The Real Story” Wednesday afternoon. “Whether it was all of his childhood or not, I couldn’t say that. I would say probably from the time he began his schooling, he was in the United States, but he was properly exposed to Arabic all along.”

Evidently it was the man’s use of a hard “g” sound in “chopping off” and “fighting us” that tipped the professor off to the man’s previous exposure to American English. According to the professor, this leads him to believe that this man spent a “significant part of his childhood” in the United States.

The latest ISIS “spokesman” in the Valentines Day video

Add this to my “Top 5 Reasons We Should Bomb ISIS Back To The Stone Age”:

1) ISIS is now harvesting the organs of their victims and possibly selling them on the open market-The Iraqi ambassador, Mohamed Alhakim,  has asked the UN to launch an investigation into the selling of organs by ISIS of their victims. It seems many bodies have been found throughout the country in shallow graves missing vital organs. In his complaint to the UN Alhakim claims that 12 Iraqi doctors were murdered by the group in Mpsul after refusing to harvest organs for them.

2) Also over Valentines Day weekend, ISIS was throwing gay men off of roofs and stoning them to death as a part of their campaign against “sexual deviance”. This is in addition to the gay men who were hurled off buildings over the past two months, The latest issue of ISIS propaganda magazine, Dabiq, featured a long article explaining its “crack down on sexual deviance”.

ISIS video showing a gay man being dropped off a roof

3) ISIS latest propaganda video shows Libyan children giving the one fingered Muslim “gang sign” to an ISIS motorcade after they return from the horrific beheading of 21 Christians on a beach in that same country.

Kids in Libya giving the ISIS motorcade the Islamic “gang sign”

4) As recently as last fall, ISIS was beheading Christian children in a “Christian Holocaust” in Iraq. In Mosul, they created a gruesome “fence” by surrounding a park with the severed heads of Christian children mounted on sticks.

The Three English School friends hoping to join ISIS

5) ISIS continues to recruit young women from across the Western world to join their cause as jihadi “brides”. Three school girls from England are being desperately sought by their parents after they fled the UK to join ISIS after boarding a Turkish Airlines flight to Syria according to British Counter-Terrorism Commander Richard Walton. What awaits them in Syria is a future of being sold as sex slaves or being raped repeatedly.

Unfortunately, with our Dhimmi In Chief, nothing will happen and he will simply play through as ISIS continues their rampage across the Middle East-apparently bound for Rome.

Obama flashing the Islamic One Fingered “Gang sign”

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