UK Modifies Counterterrorism Strategy to Include “Far-Right”

UK Modifies Counterterrorism Strategy to Include “Far-Right”

The expansion of the UK’s counterterrorism strategy — created in 2003 to prevent radicalization, detect and disrupt terrorist plots, protect the British populace, and mitigate the effects should an attack happen — to include what the Brits call “far-right extremism,” is yet another sign of just how far once-Great Britain has fallen in its worship as it genuflects at the altar of political correctness. In response to what the UK Home Office calls “the rising threat of far-right extremism,” Britain has decided to alter its 2003 Contest strategy in what seems like little more than an attempt to placate Muslims, who considered the “Prevent” portion of Contest as discriminatory and unfairly targeting them.

Gunfire at Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit, Two Suspects Dead

Yes, it was designed to be provocative. Pamela Geller put on a “Muhammad Cartoon Contest and Art Exhibit” in Garland, Texas on Sunday, with a prize of…

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