Liberals Fail Reading Comprehension, Keep Beating Pence Story [VIDEO]

Liberals Fail Reading Comprehension, Keep Beating Pence Story [VIDEO]

If you have listened to any liberal “journalist” commentary over the last couple of days, Vice President Mike Pence is either a cuckoo religious nut, a raving misogynist, breaking the law, or actively promoting “rape culture.”

And the only thing he said was that he never eats meals alone with women who aren’t his wife. Apparently, this is the greatest crime known to journalistic mankind in the 21st century, given the amount of virtual ink spilled decrying it.

Mike and Karen Pence at the 2017 March for Life
Let’s start by looking what was actually written in the profile on Karen Pence.

This is the line that sent liberals into warp, freaking out.

Most people would see this as extremely practical advice for a politician (and apparently everyone has forgotten how the National Enquirer got media outlets to run with an “OMG does Ted Cruz have mistresses???” story during the primaries), the idea that Pence actively makes sure that he can not be accused of any impropriety (this has also been referred to as “the Billy Graham rule” because this was also his policy) is now considered insanity.

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