John Kerry Gives Weak Warning to Iran About Yemen Involvement

Remember all those famous lines in the sand that the Obama Administration used to draw and then never enforce when pushed? Well, folks, they’ve drawn another – without calling it that – with Iran that I’m sure they’ll walk back on in a week or two.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, warned Iran on Wednesday that the United States would not “stand by” as the Iranians continued to back the rebels in Yemen and as the Middle East became “destabilized”.

John Kerry on PBS Newshour
John Kerry on PBS Newshour

Yes, because being stable is what the Middle East if famous for. The Middle East is what we all think of when we think of peace and stability. I mean, come one, there have only been 560 deaths in Yemen – not to mention the deaths in other Middle Eastern countries – this week, so that makes the Middle East a beacon of hope, peace, and freedom abroad.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the Saudi-led (and United States backed) campaign of air strikes against Yemen’s Shiite rebels, the Houthis, was a “mistake”.

“You learned that it was wrong. You will learn, not later but soon, that you are making a mistake in Yemen, too,” said Rouhani, not singling out any country in particular.

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