#AdultDayCare aimed at corporate executives

I wonder if they provide rompers, too?

credit: Today.com

Thursday will be the opening day of Montreal’s first adult daycare, and possibly the first one in Canada. It’s the brainchild of the Turner family called iChild.

Its main focus is corporate clients — such as accounting firms or people in the financial sector, who need a way to blow off stress.

There are crayons, teddy bears, a nap area and an adult-sized ball pit. The paint and decor on the walls wouldn’t be out of place in a preschool room.

I remember when adults wanting to blow off stress from work did things like playing handball, tennis, golf or joined bowling or softball teams. Or adults indulged in hobbies and spent time with their families.

I wish I could brush this off as mere silliness, but the worrisome aspect of it is that it is just another symptom of the continuing deconstruction of Western principles, traditions, and what it means to be an adult.

And that’s not just a kid in a larger meatsuit.

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