Critical Race Theory Proponent Denies First Amendment At Public Event

These days it certainly pays, as a taxpayer and a parent, to keep an eye on what is going on in our public schools. Since the current administration took office the craziness has increased ten-fold in public education and things that were whispered about in the faculty room before have come bursting out of the shadows. One of those things is a little gem called Critical Race Theory (CRT). Is it new? Good grief no, like so much of what our present administration clings to it has its roots in the 1960’s-the days of pot and daisies (as opposed to swine and roses).

Professor Derrick Bell

What is CRT you ask? It is a theory put forth by Derrick Bell, who was the first black professor of law at Harvard University and mentor to Barack Obama, that says that the United States is a country in which racism is an “integral, permanent and indestructible component of this society“. That is right, so no matter what people of color do in this country they will never get ahead because the (white) man will always keep them down. That seems an awfully convenient excuse for victimhood.

Glenn Eric Singleton, CEO of PEG

How is this outmoded theory making its way into our taxpayer funded schools in 2014 you ask? Via consulting groups like the Pacific Educational Group (PEG). Who is PEG? Well, they are a consulting group founded and led by Glenn Eric Singleton, who attended both University of Pennsylvania and Stanford, that is paid by public education systems to come in and “transform” their systems into “racially conscious and socially just environments”.  That sounds nice doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is not so nice for white students who are pretty much led to believe that they are the root of all of their classmates issues within the educational system-all due to their “white privilege”. Consider the quote from a white student who had been forced to sit through a class on CRT recently (courtesy of Daylight Disinfectant):

“I hadn’t the slightest clue what my privilege of being a white man had brought me… I learned to see my life through a racial lens.”

My dear friend who runs the blog Daylight Disinfectant has caught one public school district with their proverbial hands in the CRT cookie jar-all at the tax payers expense. Just recently he was accosted while attending a public presentation on “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” at the local public school districts offices. He attended the presentation which was part of a public lecture series put on by the school district and when he attempted to videotape the presentation he was harassed by multiple attendees (who were teachers in that same public school system) even though he was acting within the state’s law attending a public event in a public building paid for by the state’s taxpayers. You can see the disturbing video here. The presenter, Dr. Joy DeGruy, whose research is paid for by the taxpayers since she is on the faculty of a public university, accuses Thomas Jefferson of pedophilia and the author of the hymn “Amazing Grace” of “raping women and girls” before stopping her presentation until my friend is chased from the premises by Jodi Rutherford, the school district’s Equity Specialist and the event organizer.

I guess I am having a hard time understanding how it is that a racial theory about how people of color cannot get ahead in America, popularized by a black professor who taught at an elite school like Harvard is continuing to be perpetuated by a black graduate of two elite schools is viewed as valid? I mean if CRT held true then that would imply that Professor Bell never could have taught at Harvard and that his modern protege never could have attended the two elite schools he graduated from, and that the professor who was presenting at the local university would not be able to hold her position either. Most importantly, if CRT held true then it would stand to reason that the elections in 2008 and 2012 would have had very different outcomes-perhaps someone should call Mitt Romney and give him the good news.

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