Stupid hunger strike of the day: make me a woman or I’ll kill myself!

Stupid hunger strike of the day: make me a woman or I’ll kill myself!

This just might be the stupidest hunger strike I’ve ever heard of. It isn’t for any noble cause. It isn’t to help bring about world peace or to end war, like idealistic and idiotic celebrities and activists so often try to do. No, this hunger strike is out of pure selfishness. And is there any surprise that it’s from a gay transsexual trying to get British taxpayers to fund his gender reassignment surgery? That’s right: Richard “Debbie” Davies cannot afford to make himself a mutilated excuse for a woman, so British taxpayers have the responsibility to pay for it. And until they cough it up, he’s going on a hunger strike.

A transsexual from Nottinghamshire has warned she will end her life if she is refused hormone treatment on the NHS.

Debbie Davies, from Rainworth, is seven days into a hunger strike, and said she cannot afford to fund her treatment.

Ms Davies, who was born as Richard in 1966, has been living as a woman for the past 18 months.

Nottinghamshire County PCT has urged Debbie to stop the hunger strike and is currently reviewing its policy for patients who want to change gender.

Ms Davies wants a full surgical sex change but said she cannot afford to fund it privately.

“It is the only way I can get the message across to the PCT about how important this is to me,” she said.

“By no means do I want to end my life – it’s not a suicide attempt. I don’t have a life if I don’t do this, if I don’t become complete – there is no life to live.

“It just feels like the onset of a cold at the moment, I get tired easily, I would kill for steak and chips.”

Ms Davies, who used to work as a welder as Richard but now works as an IT consultant, said she has bought her own hormone pills online in the past but can no longer afford to keep up the treatment.

She said she had been prescribed a one-off supply of the hormone pills by her GP but this is due to run out this month.

“I’ve paid £25,000 out of my own money and I haven’t got anything else – the health authority have some responsibility to support and treat me,” she added.

The emphasis, of course, is mine. I found that little nugget especially lovely.

Really, I just want to smack this person. A lot. Because, you know, these hormone treatments and the gender reassignment surgery will KILL HIM if he doesn’t get it. Literally. If he does not become a castrated man, STAT, then he will literally fall over and die. And do you British taxpayers want that on your hands?? DO YOU?

Inherent in this foot-stamping temper tantrum is the belief that if something is wrong in your life, it is the government’s responsibility to fix it. It’s funny to me that this man doesn’t just want the government to mutilate him, he’s demanding it. His life is screwed up, and therefore, the government needs to automatically give in to all of his demands and give him everything that he wants. And in the meantime, we reading about it on the news are supposed to weep tears of sympathetic outrage and rise up to save this poor, poor man’s life.

Give me a break.

Look, here’s my take on this. If you want to pump yourself full of estrogen, and then slice your dick off and call yourself a woman, then you go right ahead. I won’t acknowledge you as a woman, but hey, you can disfigure yourself however you want to. But it is not my job to provide that for you. It’s your responsibility, not mine or the government’s or anyone else’s. If you cannot afford these treatments, then what are you doing besides whining to the media and throwing a temper tantrum? If I wanted something like this so badly that I was willing to die for it, then I would be working my ass off. And that’s what this guy should be doing. It’s called saving. You work two jobs, three jobs, however much it takes until you’ve saved enough money to fund this little mutilation you’ve got your heart set on so much.

But that, of course, would require hard work, and effort, and sacrifice. Much easier to just stamp your feet and demand the government to take care of it for you.

I think I’ll just stamp my feet and demand that the government turn me into something. I don’t know what yet, but when I decide, I’ll whine and cry a lot about how much it’s ruining my life.

And as for the stupid hunger strike? Go ahead, buddy. Starve yourself. Why in the world should any of us care??

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  • DavidL says:

    Let the moron strave to death. Sex is immutable. He was born a male. He will die a male, even if his gential were to be mutilated.

  • Rob Farrington says:

    I demand NHS treatment to turn me into an elf. All my life I’ve felt that I was really an elven ranger named Feaglin Andorglad, trapped inside a human’s body.

    I demand my electrolysis and pointy-ear operation! Never mind that some people here can’t get the drugs they need despite paying National Insurance all their working lives; What about my FEELINGS?!?

    I also believe that I’m actually a female lesbian elf trapped inside a male body, so I’ll be demanding gender reassignment too, at some point in the future. I’m a victim! A victim, I tell you!

  • Hally says:

    You are fast becoming one of my favorite people, and this site is soaring to the top of my favorites list. We (and the British, apparently) are doing a disservice to people when we indulge their emotional problems and tell them that those problems are not really problems at all. This man wants to mutilate himself. He is at war with his own body, with his own nature, and no one seems to be telling him that that’s a bad thing. Political Correctness is hurting the very people it is intended to shield. Someone needs to talk to the guy give him a verbal smack in the face.

  • Cylar says:

    Let the moron strave to death. Sex is immutable. He was born a male. He will die a male, even if his gential were to be mutilated.

    Exactly. Yes, yes, and yes.

    For that matter, I have trouble understanding why anyone, anywhere, pays attention to hunger strikers…by anyone, anywhere. Someone wants to starve their own body? I just don’t see why anyone should care except for their own friends and relatives. And those people should be taking the person down to the hospital for an IV drip, not indulging this nonsense.

  • Stephen J. says:

    Well, there are those who feel that you don’t have to personally know or like another person to care what happens to them, or want to help them out of a desperate situation.

    Which is what that degree of gender identity dysphoria is. Whether it’s classified as a psychiatric disorder or a variant orientation, the worst cases of it really are like clinical depression, a genuinely self-destructive neurochemical condition — a literal inability to feel like you belong in your body; a genuine revulsion at your own anatomy, an irrational, overriding, helpless conviction that the flesh you’re in is just wrong. That kind of desperation can easily be enough to drive the worst affected to suicidal acts and ideation.

    The trend towards surgical alteration only came about because the disorder itself proved so difficult to manage or mitigate by any other means, and surgical transformation did appear to grant short-term relief. But as the former head of John Hopkins’ sex-reassignment department among others has noted, the long-term psychiatric benefits are highly dubious, and enough data is building up about the health effects that more and more surgeons are resisting making that recommendation. Coupled with better and more precisely targeted psychoactive drugs, genuine treatment may soon be available.

    But the ability to endure a mental illness that makes you despise your own body is not infinite, and people can do tragically foolish things when their desperation breaks their patience.

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