Self Loathing Insanity…

Self Loathing Insanity…

Self Loathing Insanity…

The saying goes that Americans don’t vote Foreign Policy; they vote the economy.

Well, since the Occupant in Chief has just about finished off the economy for the foreseeable future and Americans can check that block off their voting “to do” list, we can move on to Foreign Policy, which, if you are not a low-information voter or have a basic understanding of good and evil, is the next thing that this cat is about to “pivot” to and really fornicate up…

Not only are we still dealing with the fallout of the first Ambassador killed in an overseas post since the last weak-ass spineless failure was in office (for those not near a history book, that would be Carter), the vacilating in Afghanistan that has resulted in 70 percent of the casualties occurring during this Occupant’s term, the continued slide of Iraq away from peace and into possible civil war because this Occupant can’t seem to negotiate any agreement larger and more complicated than the price of a used car (pushing it), and his awesome leadership from behind on Syria and his continually evolving/moving/disappearing-reappearing “red line” as the world watched Putin drink this dude’s milkshake.

And now, having decided that “he can” on Iran, the sanctions, that have been slowing the Iranians a touch on their march to the 12th Imam or 12 moms or WTF ever their goal is, have just been rather unilaterally ignored by this Administration and some sort of “framework” of a maybe plan has surfaced, and the Israelies have pulled exactly zero punches in what they think.

“I understand that the Iranians are walking around very satisfied in Geneva – as well they should be, because they got everything and paid nothing.  “Everything they wanted, they wanted relief of sanctions after years of a grueling sanctions regime, they got that, they are paying nothing because they are not reducing in any way their nuclear enrichment capability.  “So Iran got the deal of the century and the international community got a bad deal, this is a very bad deal. Israel utterly rejects it and what I am saying is shared by many, many in the region, whether or not they express that in publicly.

“Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and the security of its people.”

Even the surrender monkeys are tougher than we are.  The Israelies are feeling stabbed in the back, front and side on this as this piss poor excuse for an Administration continues to bend them over a table and promise them that it will only hurt for a minute.  They face an existential threat from animals and it appears that this Administration is getting out it’s dancing shoes for the grave dance party they have planned.  This kind of thing is exactly the reason that the Alex Jones followers can continue to hang around with the the idea that he is Muslim who wants to destroy America.  I am convinced that the only thing at this point in the relationship between our two nations that keeps the Israeli Prime Minister from punching the current occupant of the Oval Office in the mouth is that he doesn’t want Eric Holder charging him with a hate crime.

And if that pending debacle and the enhancing of an existential threat to an ally, and ourselves wasn’t enough, according to the occupant, we need to do some updating of our Cuba policy.

The self loathing insanity of the Left who have convinced themselves while drinking their lattes on their union break from their volunteer job at Organizing For America while surfing the internet on the free wireless has become something to behold; sort of like the view from the mountain top.  It is both breathtaking and frightening.  It has also reached a tipping point.  They have managed, while getting Masters Degrees of Fine Arts in Puppetry or Early Eastern Impressionist Art from the 2nd Shang Dynasty with tax payer funded financial aid  to work themselves into a lather about the general crappiness of the country they live in and that we are the worst country ever.  These very same people vote Democrat as if it is a bodily function.  These people really do hate America.  They are the equivalent of a Jewish Neo-Nazi and the level of self loathing they have for themselves is truly incurable.

I am not in favor of Jim Crow; but maybe we need to have some sort of test in order to vote or procreate.  If you think this to be rash or insane, just go herehere, or here.

Rush Limbaugh often talks of “Battered Liberal Syndrome” and how much it resembles the “Battered Woman Syndrome.”  So I am asking those allegedly smart, allegedly informed Democrat/Obama voters that voted for this dude twice; aren’t any of you ashamed yet?  Are you tired of the level of self loathing on this apology tour that is only getting worse by the day?  Aren’t you tired of turning on the television to find the Legacy Media chanting together “All is Well” while employment among women hits a new low, or powering up your internet to find yet more bad news that President blamey-pants continues to try to pin on someone or something other than himself.

I keep hoping that some of you on the Left will dig deep within your psyche and your soul and contemplate how angry you would be if this was happening during a Romney Administration, or the McCain Administration, or the Cruz Administration.  I mean, imagine for a moment the President Cruz Administration involved in using the IRS to hassle groups like Organizing For America, after previously being busted over something called “Fat and Furious” where they were running guns into Mexico by allowing the Mexican Cartels to use straw purchasers to get guns.  Or how about President Romney not sending help to our Ambassador and his protectors in Libya while under fire and then going before the UN and blaming a Youtube video; or even how would a McCain Administration explain that 70 percent of the casualties among our sons and daughters in Afghanistan have come since he was elected.

So Obama voters, explain it to me.  Explain to me why you voted for this guy, twice.  Do you have the same level of self loathing insanity as the douche-bags in the Occupy movement?  Was it so you could be proud to vote for the minority?  Did you have some unresolved guilt regarding the black community?  I am hoping that the “A-HA!” moment comes for all of you in the next election cycle, I am guessing though that it will come when you get your tax bill or your health insurance cancellation; but I know in my heart the likelihood of that is fairly low on the probability scale.

If you need help, you have come to the right place.  We can help you here, but only if you are willing to change your world view and accept the idea of good and evil, right and wrong; but start by examining your wallet and how much money is in it, your tax bill, and whether or not you would agree with the following statement “America, for all of her faults, is still the last best hope for the freedom that mankind deserves.”

The Victory Girls are here to help….

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  • I’ve been wondering why the Israelis have waited as long as they have to take care of business. It isn’t like they haven’t had all the warning they needed to know that he isn’t a friend to our traditional allies.

  • Kit Lange says:

    This may be the best piece you have, Dejah. Classic.

  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Perfect post for the Marines birthday, Dejah…epic. And kickass.

  • Kevin says:

    You’re looking at this from the wrong perspective … The question Republicans need to analyze and understand is, “Why can’t the Republican party attract a majority (or at least a plurality) of voters?”

    A battered woman is never going to leave her batterer if she doesn’t see there’s something better for her out there; or, and this is important, that she deserves better than the scum batterer. The general populist doesn’t see what the Republican party has to offer. Your constant complaining about Democrats only reinforces people to stick by them. We’ve all been there before … A friend tells you that your boyfriend/girlfriend is a moron or you’re too good for them. Most people will respond with, “Well, you don’t know him/her” or “They really do love me; you just don’t see it.”

    I’ve said this before … stop bitching about why my current partner is a jerk and start telling me about the new guy out there will respect and love me unconditionally.

    Gee. You’d think women (Victory Girls) would understand an abusive relationship instead of a liberal male democrat. 🙂

  • Deebow says:

    No Kevin, you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. The view from your basement must be rosy. You should come outside and check out the real world.

    Even battered women eventually see the kind of destruction the batterer has wrought and try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to get out.

    Your view completely misses what Dejah is trying to say, which I believe is:

    “What the faux-shizzle does this miserable POS stand in for a leader have to do to America before the morons who voted for him and the media that obstructs and covers for him becomes to embarrassed by their actions to put up with it anymore.”

    Jews voted for him, he throws Israel under the bus to Iran. Hispanics voted for him, he says we need to “update” our policy with Cuba. Blacks voted for him and they get to maintain their 17.9 percent unemployment rate overall and their 56 percent youth unemployment rate. Women voted for him, and they get to reach new lows in workforce participation. And positively everyone who voted for him is going to get to experience getting hosed on anything having to do with their healthcare coverage.

    Do you think NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC would be letting a Republican president get away with shit like this or any of the other things Dejah listed in her article? Do you think the American people would know chapter and verse about how terrible the Republican President is or the shape the country is in courtesy of him and his policies? If you do, you have been living in that basement entirely too long.

    If the general populist is too dumb to see that the Republicans (some of them at least), Conservatives or even the Libertarians ARE offering something different than what is going on now, then maybe they are too stupid to be allowed to vote.

  • Dejah Thoris says:

    This ^^^^^^ is magnificent.

    Thanks for having my backside…. Could not have explained it much better.

  • Kevin says:

    Again, you’ll never win when all you do is bitch about the opponent. Prove why you deserve to lead; not why the person sitting behind the desk is an idiot. That’s been your failing for the past elections and elections as far as the eye can see. Do what Reagan did … present a picture of the white shinning city on the hill. Give us hope for a better future; not berate us for voting for the wrong candidate.

    Negative campaigning works to a point but if there’s nothing salable about your candidate, it’s better to stick with what you know (the batterer syndrome) versus doing something you never done before (the new shinny candidate on the hill).

  • Jen says:

    Kevin, although in theory I agree with what you are pointing out, it is extremely difficult to the get the postive message out to those on the left, the LIV, etc. Other than you , how many left leaning , big goverment will take care of me types are reading right wing blogs? How many are watching “Faux” news, as they label it? How many simply go to their local welfare office and find that they qualify for everything from EBT cards to utility assistance, rent assitance, etc. How many students are on the above assistance? We’ve read stories recently of people who have purposely reduced their incomes so as to qualify for health insurance subsidies and food stamps…our benevolent government who steals from us has removed not just the stigma of assistance, but also the requirements that used to make certain that aid went to the truly needy, not the truly lazy or truly scam artists. One used to get unemployment benefits for appx. 6 weeks , now one gets them for over a year. All you have to do is send in an email to the unemployment division periodically saying you can’t find a job, no more standing in line facing someone personally with your card that demonstrates you actually went somewhere and applied.

    All of this is continually propped up by the NYT, CNN(who have admitted that they are no longer interested in doing hard news), MSNBC, and virtually all the “news magazines” that are still publishing. Few newspapers in this country are honest regarding reporting, most have their political leanings and that typically is left.

    Although Romney wasn’t a perfect candidate, how much more of a beacon of decency and economic turnaround experience could anyone have wanted in a candidate? What did the mainstream and outlier news organizations do to him as a candidate….all the LIV remember is that he was a rich white guy with money in the Cayman Islands, who closed a steel mill(not true, the mill expanded and is running today) which caused a man’s wife to die from cancer, and that he and his wife were cruel to their dog, they had lots of money to have a horse in the Olympics, and because he has a lot of kids, he is against birth control . Oh, and he must be racist because he was running against Obama.

  • Kevin says:

    Here’s also going to be your challenge (as posted in a blog late last week) … The Republicans are split. You have a group of people fawning over Gov Christie and then a fringe conservative group calls him a sell out.

    What do you want? A Democrat in office or someone who you agree with 80% of the time. No one is going to get a pristine candidate who they agree with 100% of the time; not even 90% of the time. Your fringe groups need to learn the phrase “the lesser of two evils.”

    I was pissed off around Obama’s stance in health care (I’m for a single payer system). If I saw him on the side of the street having just been hit by a car, I would have driven by him. When the election came around, I knew he was someone I was disappointed in but the other candidate (Gov Romney) was the worse of two evils for me. I never vote for 3rd party candidates. NEVER. It’s a wasted vote. I’m not willing to risk putting in a Conservative just because I’m pissed at one or two issues. That’s where the Conservatives get screwed time and time again. They’re waiting for perfection and perfection is never going to happen.

    • If 20% of the time they betray non negotiable principles, I don’t have much use for the 80% of the time that they happen to vote correctly.

      Christy’s made some emphatically wrong statements about guns. The 2nd Amendment is non negotiable, and if he imagines that there is an asterisk after “…shall not be infringed.” that leads to a list of conditions, provisos, and quid pro quos, then he isn’t fit for consideration. Period.

    • GWB says:

      and then a fringe conservative group calls him a sell out.

      You keep using that word; I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  • Deebow says:

    Kevin, I am not waiting for perfection. Like Dejah, I am waiting for the mouth breathers and the co-dependent press to call this POS out for his treachery; LIKE THEY WOULD A REPUBLICAN!!!!

    I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat ever, and I didn’t like Romney on some of his issue stances either, but he would have been orders of magnitude better than the miserable excuse for a leader the current occupant of the office is.

    Conservatives aren’t swayed by lofty intentions, greek columns, fainting spells and publicity stunts. We actually expect candidates to do what they say when we elect them.

    So are you happy with things the way they are?

  • Kevin says:

    I’m happier with Obama than I was with Bush. (I couldn’t make an assumption about Romney because I have no idea how he would have done as POTUS.)

    If that’s how you see it (“Conservatives aren’t swayed by lofty intentions, greek columns, fainting spells and publicity stunts.”) I suggest that the Republicans need to learn “how to play the game” then.

    Even though I disagree with your premise that Democrats are swayed by those things, because I don’t believe they are,

  • GWB says:

    Explain to me why you voted for this guy, twice.

    There are threee possible reasons, Dejah:
    1. They are racists. They voted for the man solely based on the color of his skin, regardless of his lack of experience or professed principles.
    2. They are fascists/socialists. They voted for the man because he will usher in government control of everyone’s lives, redistribting wealth and giving everyone everything for “free”.
    3. They are ignoramuses. They not only don’t care about economic policy or foreign policy or even character, but they don’t even bother to do the most basc, simple research when the media-powers-that-be baltantly lie to them. Heck, they *like* being lied to as long as it means they don’t have to suffer discomfort in their mind or soul.

    These three possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

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