The Secret Service #TrumpReno

The Secret Service #TrumpReno

The Secret Service #TrumpReno

Yes, I am painfully aware of the many failings of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. This is not about them. . This is about the United States Secret Service, a perceived (valid) threat to someone in their care and their proportional professional response. Yahoo/AP news reported Saturday’s event here:

White House Republican candidate Donald Trump was bundled off stage by security officers after a false gun scare during a campaign appearance. The US Secret Service, which provides security for presidential candidates, later said someone in the crowd had shouted “gun” but that no weapon was found. Trump swiftly resumed his speech in Reno, Nevada, and local media reported that a suspect who was wrestled to the floor during the incident had been released. The 70-year-old real estate tycoon reappeared just minutes after being led away by Secret Service officers, who shielded his body with their own.

The Secret Service protected the candidate: with their bodies from a possible gun. Then they did not stop and do an ideological check: they did their jobs.  And they did not go away from any perceived danger.  They went towards an unknown danger.  Because that is what they are there to do.

Trump to his credit thanked the Secret Service for doing their job and the crowd stayed back and let the police (local state and federal) do their job. And all was well.

Twitter did explode with some interesting commentary

This is exactly what Secret Service agents are assigned to do. And then to check and see if there is a valid threat.  Which fortunately was not present.

Three days.  This all is over in three days.  Please stay sane America.

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  • Cindy says:

    Berating the press because a #CNN reporter got out and of the pen and was pushing folks around. Also, does anyone else find it odd that a single older gentleman would be able to enter aa Obama rally without getting the crap knocked out of them? Funny this incident should happen after Obama gets FALSE kudos for supposedly telling his followers to sit down and be quiet. I think #CNN and #BobCreamers people planned all of this.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Thanks Cindy! That is the rest of the story that was missing. Interesting that he had a sign that was not Yay Trump and he was not heckled if the narrative is believable. In any case, the Secret Service
      handled this well. One question for me is why did the crowd yell gun?

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