Sean Penn loves teh gays, hates America

Sean Penn loves teh gays, hates America

Sean Penn loves teh gays, hates America

Well, as absolutely anyone with a brain stem could have figured out, Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Leading Actor, for his performance in the movie Milk. For those not familiar, Milk is the story of the first openly gay man to be elected to California public office, San Francisco politician Harvey Milk. Sean Penn, obviously, was the title character. Milk was the darling liberal movie of the year, and there was no doubt whatsoever in my mind that he was going to win the Oscar. It would be Hollywood’s self-serving night of triumph — triumph over homophobia, triump over intolerance, triumph over conservatives, and anything else they could congratulate themselves for. Giving an Oscar to Sean Penn for a role like that of Harvey Milk is not so much about acknowledging his acting as it is a celebration of how wonderful and kind and tolerant Hollywood is. One way you can tell was by how boisterous the applause was, and how enthusiastic the crowd was during various parts of his speech. They were celebrating this win with him. This award was not about Sean Penn. Hollywood had a statement to make.

Now, what was noteworthy was not that Sean Penn won th Oscar. What was noteworthy was his acceptance speech. I found it interesting that, right off the bat, the cameras continually kept veering over to his wife, Robin Wright-Penn as she cried her little tears of pride. They filmed as he kissed her, and then you see her crying in the background as he’s up at the podium. It’s like a reminder… see, folks, he’s not really gay. It’s OK, he loves the ladies!

Then, Penn opens his speech by addressing the audience as “… you commie, homo-loving, sons-of-guns!”, and everyone in the crowd laughs and cheers. (No doubt this was a stab at conservatives.) There’s a quick cut to more people in the audience crying over the remarkable step forward (while I, meanwhile, am gagging). Remember, Hollywood is making a statement, people.

I think my favorite line was how he claimed he didn’t expect to win the award, which is the biggest load of crap anyone could ever say. Part of the package required to make it in Hollywood is narcissism. Every single person nominated for an award believes they’re going to get it, but when you’re in a movie like Milk, you know that award’s going to you. The “I had no idea!” line is just to make you seem less pretentious. Meanwhile, directly after expressing his shock, Penn pulls out his little acceptance speech with his list of people to thank… which he was carrying on him just in case.

Really, he had no idea.

Also interesting was how Penn did not see fit to thank his wife, Robin. He thanked his best friend, he listed his circle of support, but I guess that his wife doesn’t fit either of those molds.

He then steps onto his soapbox to try to guilt-trip all of us who are against gay-marriage by saying we need to reflect on our “great shame”.

Sean, a little word of advice. If you want conservatives to do something, then you should probably keep your mouth shut. The very fact that it’s coming from such a brainless, classless assclown as you will simply make us dig in our heels deeper. No conservative’s opinion will ever be swayed by the likes of you.

He then goes on to laud Barack Obama, our “elegant” President. I guess Sean Penn forgot that Obama is one of those who also needs to reflect on his deep shame, huh?

I think the best comments about Penn’s acceptance speech, however, come from Ace:

And then praises America, but only for producing “courageous artists” such as himself who aren’t afraid to brave metaphorical bullets.

Unmentioned: Courageous soldiers who aren’t afraid to brave non-metaphorical bullets.

Thank you, Sean Spicoli, for teaching me what a hero is. Real heroes bang Madonna and punch femmy cameramen in their faces.

Yes, Sean. You’re truly courageous. We’re all inspired. Can you shut up now??

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  • Mark says:

    I make it a point not to watch this homage to Hollyweird and it’s denizens. I find it rather ironic that these actors like to deride corporate America but then jump in their private jets to go to Hawaii or the Riviera.
    Nothing will ever make me forget those two dolts Nolte & Harris glowering at Elia Kazan for receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award a few years back.

  • Mat says:

    The Oscars were on last night?…

    Oh yeah, that piece of irrelevance that I could care less about. Nah, never watch it anyway. Sounds like it was a lot of “fun”…

  • Big Al says:

    This is one of those “I told you” so awards – easy to know the outcome even before the vote.

    One of the sad facts about the true Harvey Milk story (I haven’t yet seen the film) is that Milks death had nothing to do with his being gay. Milk was killed by a one time political ally that Milk stabbed in the back when he was down and out and needed Milks help.

  • Hally says:

    I usually just lurk on this site, but I wanted to comment on this one. Sean Penn makes me a little sick with his use of the word “hate” to describe opposition to gay marriage. I consider myself on of the more tolerant people I know, and at one time I was all for gay marriage. But when my brother had his daughter, and I contemplated having my own kids, I realized that I would be heartbroken if they turned out gay. It’s my love for my niece and future kids that drives me to oppose gay marriage.

    No one knows how you end up gay, but no one really disputes that there are many who are not born gay. Their upbringing and environment leads them to a same sex orientation. It’s not every gay person, but I don’t want my kids to feel like something that I find very sad (tragic in many ways) is being encouraged by the government. There is a real difference between tolerance and encouragement. We must tolerate people who live in ways we don’t like (as long as they’re not criminal), but we have no obligation to say that what they’re doing is good.

    Maybe Mr. Penn could try opening his mind and see that it is love, not hate, that guides many to resist same sex marriage. Of course, that would not be trendy, so you won’t see that happening any time soon. One wonders where he was twenty years ago, when there would have been real courage, at least, in speaking up about this issue.

  • SicSemperTyrannus says:

    It’s hard to remember that the Best Actor Oscar used to be awarded to the portrayal of a hero or a larger than life character: George C. Scott for “Patton”, Marlon Brando for “The Godfather”, etc.
    Ever since the 1980’s the Best Actor Oscar has instead been awarded for the portrayal of a queer, a cripple, or a retard.

  • Cylar says:

    But when my brother had his daughter, and I contemplated having my own kids, I realized that I would be heartbroken if they turned out gay. It’s my love for my niece and future kids that drives me to oppose gay marriage.

    I realize you mean well here, but you’re really not helping our crusade against gay marriage with statements like this. Proposition 8 and measures like it were never about curtailing the rights of homosexuals, and certainly never about getting rid of anyone who “turned out gay.” It was about resisting the attempt by an aggrieved minority to redefine a fundamental human institution, for no reason at all except to make that aggrieved minority feel better about themselves.

    As for Penn, the guy is a real class act, isn’t he? What I can’t get out of MY mind…is the way he traveled to Iraq back in 2003 to hobnob with Saddam on the eve of the US invasion. I wanted to kick the man’s ass for that move. We have a name for people who encourage America’s enemies – traitors.

    Or the way he was photographed paddling around the flooded streets of New Orleans in 2005, trying feebly and futilely to “rescue” people. Didn’t he wind up springing a leak in his boat and have to be rescued himself or something?

    I don’t care if the man is a good actor or not; I’ve never seen any of his films. What bothers me is the way he acts when he ISN’T making movies.

  • 5kidsnadog says:

    I’m sorry you watched the awards at all. Seriously. I’m so tired of these guys spending the first several months of EVERY year patting themselves on the back OVER and OVER for the four to six weeks of work they did last year.

    It’s acting — it’s not saving the world. It’s playing pretend for lots of money – there’s no one whose life is changed for the better through the watching of Sean Penn playing pretend. They’re NOT beautiful people – they’re just altered to look that way. They’re not smart, or even nice. Most of them have SERIOUS issues – drugs, alchohol, multiple spouses. They’re unhappy people who have been sold to us as some kind of ideal, and I’m not BUYING it. AT ALL.

    My television hasn’t been tuned to the networks for a very long time. I haven’t seen ANY of the movies that were nominated. Generally, when I do go to see a movie, I find that there’s some sort of anti-US, anti-police, or anti-conservative message that I’m just sick and tired of.

    One of my sons (13 wanted to go see a movie with his friends a while ago. I asked him what the movie was — it was the one with Samuel L. Jackson as the crazy police officer next door. I told him I didn’t want him watching that crap, but ended up allowing him to go, but we had to talk about what he thought the message was afterwards.

    He came home a little shame-faced afterwards and said “Mom, not only was the police officer next door a racist, but I’m pretty sure he was a Republican, AND a global warming denier.”

    Don’t buy their crap, and maybe they’ll go back to the rocks that they crawled out from under….

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