Roundup Time: The Rush for Lamest Leftist of 2021

Roundup Time: The Rush for Lamest Leftist of 2021

Roundup Time: The Rush for Lamest Leftist of 2021

Oh look! We’re now in December and the stoooopid just doesn’t stop. Indeed, it’s as if our authoritarian Betters on the Left are in a rush to see who can be the most mendouchious Wokistanian of the year.

Obviously, Alec “guns fire themselves” Baldwin and Alex “Smash-and-Grab looting is a hoax” Occasional-Cortex are already in the running in the Ruling Class category, but let’s see some of the latest the antics by the lesser knowns.


Brit wins lawsuit because she is alive

Remember that scene in The Incredibles where Mr. Incredible is sued by the man who tried to commit suicide and wins?

“You didn’t save my life, you ruined my death!”

This is not parody.

A woman in the U.K. who sued her mother’s doctor, claiming she should never have been born, has won potentially millions in damages. (snip)

Toombes’ barrister, Susan Rodway, reportedly told the court that her client, a successful showjumper who competes against both able-bodied and disabled riders, was suing for “wrongful conception” for “having been born in a damaged state.”

Judge Rosalind Coe ruled in favour of Toombes, awarding her the right to a huge compensation payout.



Has-been-but-woke Seth Rogan in rush to offend … again

There’s a reason our house has long refused to get an HBO subscription —

What weapons-grade blackmail does Rogan possess for the suits at HBO to green light that? And in the tiny recesses of Rogan’s cranium, when faced with criticism, he goes woke.

Yeah, Seth, white supremacy is why people don’t “get” your comedy.



The Rush for Teacher of the Year



College student or gangbanger? You decide

As the Left has marched through education, deviation from the cult’s Revealed Truth becomes grounds for expulsion or dismissal. Here, in a rush to get have a drama professor dismissed because students should never experience a moment of emotional discomfort, the belief system is laid bare.

“I should have control over my education to remove toxic people, regardless of freedom of speech, or whatever,” [21 y/o student Kelis Herriott] said later. “Hate speech is hate speech.”

What “hate speech” did this toxic professor use? In response to a kerfuffle over names on a whiteboard that got the usual suspects screaming racism he dared to write …

“Im just sad people get their feelings hurt so easily. And they are going into Theatre?”

That’s it. That’s the hate speech that may find him fired. But it points to this …

Herriott said she understands that some people think she and other students are unreasonable for refusing to accept Earnest’s presence on campus. But as a consumer who paid for her education — even with her scholarships, she had taken on jobs at a gym and a clothing store — she said she shouldn’t have to tolerate disrespect.

Disrespect? It’s funny how often that word is used by criminals — whether it was Mafia, Cartels or the local gangbangers — to justify the assault or murder of someone who looked at them funny.

And now they are running the universities.



Woke POC “Cotton fields are not normal”

Yes, ladies and gents, just when you think you’ve hit bottom with Woke self-owns, along comes stuff like this.

“Y’all why did my cousin book this AirBnB with a cotton field in the yard?” TikToker @thechocolateweeb writes … (snip)

“It is actually pretty decent inside,” Bell says. “Being put in an area like [a cotton field] unexpectedly as a Black person does trigger you a little bit and makes you feel uncomfortable.”

When Bell received responses that she was just “city folk” disconnected with rural crops, she sniffed “city folks are not weird, cotton fields is not normal”.

Which goes to prove that Woke isn’t just a race-obsessed cult, but it’s also a modern cargo cult. Bell is from California yet is exactly one of those city folk who never travel more than 30-40 miles inland from California’s coast. If she had, she would have realized that not only Farms Matter, but that cotton has been a staple crop in California for at least one hundred years.

It is concerning that so many people have no clue on the origins of the regular, normal things they use every day. From a box of cereal in the grocery store to the [cotton] underwear on their bodies. It all just appears, fully made, like magic.



Stay tuned, this has been a year full of Leftwing douchery and the last-minute rush to December 31st will surely yield more.

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