Roundup Time: Behold the Beclowning

Roundup Time: Behold the Beclowning

Roundup Time: Behold the Beclowning

With Leftists hysterically resetting history on the half-hour, parody and satire is pretty well dead. How many clowns does that car hold?

Teachers Union drops the veil about their priorities

And here we used to actually believe that public education was about, you know, educating kids …

Good show, teachers! You’ll really get parental support with that schtick.



STEM succumbs to woke beclowning

Just as Leftwing unions look at K-12 as a vehicle for their ideology, screw the kids, so is American excellence and innovation in STEM to take a backseat to racist, sexist priorities.

Never mind that diversity in STEM can, at present, only be achieved at the expense of scientific standards. Rather than sharpening our technological edge, Congress would dull it.

The House passed the America COMPETES Act — a quarter-of-a-trillion-dollar, nearly 3,000-page behemoth — in February; the Senate passed similar legislation last year. Both put the federal government in the business of subsidizing applied research and commercialization in such areas as domestic semiconductor manufacturing and clean energy. (snip)

Many universities require faculty applicants in physics, engineering and other STEM fields to explain how their work will improve diversity in science; diversity, equity and inclusion proposals deemed insufficiently enthusiastic mean a candidate’s automatic rejection regardless of his scientific qualifications. The surest way to ace the DEI statement requirement is to be diverse oneself.

But the America COMPETES Act and the Senate’s United States Innovation and Competition Act expand significantly on that obsession with identity and racial justice.

China’s race to corner advancement in STEM should be this generation’s Sputnik moment rather than a retreat into a toxic, cult theology.

One might conclude that the Left is anti-American. Mao smiles.


Democrat woman strikes blow FOR The Patriarchy

“The Best Woman For the Job is a Man” … right?



Another reason to leave California

We’ve lost count of all the craziness that is hollowing out the middle and working class in Leftwing neo-feudal state known as California. In the midst of yet another Democrat-declared crisis, this time about housing, The Los Angeles City Council is out to completely destroy the private rental market.

Three Los Angeles City Council members introduced a package of renter-protection measures they say would help promote fair access to housing amid the city’s worsening homelessness crisis. (snip)

The proposed ordinances would prohibit screening prospective tenants on the basis of their criminal, eviction or credit histories.

Say, what? Landlords will be forbidden to find out whether a prospective tenant is on the sex-offender registry or parole for grand theft auto or has a long string of prior evictions for refusing to pay rent?

Well, don’t be surprised as landlords, especially the mom-and-pop retirees who own a couple of houses to fund their retirement, just sell and leave. If they aren’t allowed to protect their property or their other tenants, why be in the business? That will really help the “housing crisis”, don’t you think?

The beclowning of the People’s Republic of Los Angeles continues apace.



The Left maybe wearing clown noses, but we are finding a lot less about their antics to laugh about.

#RememberInNovember #Resist

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