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redefining conservatism?

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redefining conservatism?

i have been listening to talk radio this afternoon abit and a few notable conservatives including newt gingrich have been giving signals saying that maybe its time to redefine what conservatism is and to fine tune it for a new generation. excuse me?  good grief!  the principles of conservatism are timeless such as:

1.  small government  – “WE have a government not the other way around” (Ronald Reagan)
2.  lower taxes – trusting the american taxpayer to make the best decisions on how to spend their $$
3.  strong national defense — including our borders i might add
4.  life is a God given right

5.  the Constitution means what it says….  it doesn’t need periodical tweeking to keep up with the times.

and these are just a few!  redefining conservatism to make room for a weak slate of republican candidates is disturbing at best.  wouldn’t it be better to force aka strongly suggest the candidates rise to the occasion?

don’t forget:

and there is this one…

and then of course my favorite…

stand tall.

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