Oreo Cookies & PFLAG: Isn’t It Time To ‘Bud-Lite’ Them Both?

Oreo Cookies & PFLAG: Isn’t It Time To ‘Bud-Lite’ Them Both?

Oreo Cookies & PFLAG: Isn’t It Time To ‘Bud-Lite’ Them Both?

Pride of Perversion Month is just around the corner. We are about to see woke corporations, media, academia, and even government at all levels, turn themselves inside-out to partner in the cacophony of glitter, rainbows and NSFW parades. Bud-Lite learned there was a limit to how much targeting of normies would be tolerated. Will a product aimed at children finally suffer the same fate?

As a shareholder in Mondelēz, formerly Kraft Foods, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a non-profit corporate watchdog, is warning the owner of Oreo (and other American household favorites): “Don’t make yourself the next Bud Light.”

According to a two-page proposal, which NLPC will present to shareholders this week, Mondelēz “irresponsibly” involves itself in politically divisive issues and is deeply embroiled in left-wing activism, consequently creating “reputational and financial risk.”

Mondelēz is “playing with fire” by joining forces with far-left gender ideologues, NLPC says.

Oreo has been partnering with PFLAG since about 2020 …

… and it appears to be that 2024 will be no different. To quote from Oreo’s own website:

Join us as we celebrate PFLAG’s 50th anniversary and their vision of an equitable, inclusive world where every LGBTQ+ person is safe, celebrated, empowered and loved.

Well, as we’ve see over the past few years, that ’empowerment’ has come at the price of safety for women and children. Women who no longer have a right to female-only spaces. Children who are targeted for sexual grooming, even strange Munchausen-by-Proxy transing by their own parent(s).

This isn’t about gays or lesbians anymore (assuming it ever was). The love that dare not speak its name morphed into The love that will not ever shut-up some time ago. And while many gays and lesbians were/are happy to be normies in all things, just homosexual, there has always been the radical Left contingent who looked at their Queerness as a storm front to overturn Western cultural norms and practices.

Regardless of how tolerant, accepting or even celebratory American society has become of the LGB, it ain’t enough for the TQ+ cult who will be dominating the month of June with glitter-encrusted bullying.

And corporate entities like Oreo will be right there to drape their products in rainbows or have men-in-dresses as spokesholes to promote this dangerous, hate-filled ideology ironically labeled LOVE.

“Love” that is demanding access to children.

PFLAG also battles to place pornographic books in public schools and libraries where children can easily access them. “This Book is Gay,” which provides a guide to finding strangers on gay hook-up apps; “Gender Queer,” which features an illustration of oral sex performed on a sex toy; “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which contains underage incest; “Flamer,” which features several obscene sexual situations; and “Lawn Boy,” which describes minors performing oral sex on each other, are among the sexually explicit texts PFLAG is pushing.

Is this who you want teaching your kids in school? Is this what you expect for your tax dollars?

Oreo isn’t, by far, the only corporation who has embraced the Leftwing dogma on value-free sexuality (as well as other Leftist causes like climate change, racial quotas, and hatred of Jews). But Oreo is right there, in your face on the cookie aisle of your grocery store. You need it as much as you need Bud-Lite.

Don’t buy it.

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  • Scott says:

    Dammit, I loved oreos….

    Bastards ruin everything…

    OK, they didn’t ruin bud light, it was crappy colored water anyway…

  • Dietrich says:

    Although I used to like munching on cookies, sugar (glucose) awareness has made not buying Oreos so much easier.

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