all obama, all the time

all obama, all the time

so tonight at 8pm in all timezones, you can watch obama’s infomercial on MSNBC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. me? i’d rather walk over hot coals and broken glass or be forced to watch a paris hilton movie then sit through this thing.

it seems CNN, ABC, and FoxNews refused to carry his 30-minute campaign ad, with CNN actually labeling it inappropriate propaganda for a news network. you can read more about it here.

in turn, john mccain will be running this ad that pokes at obama’s great pretentiousness. it’s called “tv special” and paints obama as an empty suit with great PR, whose natural political instincts would bring disaster to our country. straight talk!

here’s the money line from the jmac ad:

“Behind the fancy speeches, grand promises and TV special, lies the truth: With crises at home and abroad, Barack Obama lacks the experience America needs. And it shows.”

so what will the reaction of the american people be to the obama infomercial? will it be hypnotic or wayyyy too much of the socialist obama?

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  • jeniryan says:

    I’m guessing hypnotic, unfortunately. It seems those people are in some kind of trance. I, for one, will NOT watch and be a part of that viewer count. Good thing for him and the networks that something I really enjoy watching isn’t on at that time… I’d raise all kinds of hell!

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