New AIP column: Democrats Running Scared About Health Care

New AIP column: Democrats Running Scared About Health Care

My newest column at American Issues Project talks about how Democrats are starting to get cold feet about pushing through Obama’s government run health care plan.

Waxman is indeed so scared about the party infighting that he’s threatening blue dog Democrats with being bypassed by Nancy Pelosi if they don’t stay in line. It’s a big gamble — if the centrists don’t go for his bluff, then they’ll likely dig in their heels even further and kill the bill. Nancy Pelosi isn’t likely to back up Waxman’s threats, because she needs her party unified now more than ever. James Clyburn, the House whip, even called it the most contentious infighting he’s ever seen. But clearly, the radical Democrats who favor this bill are getting desperate… as they should be. The average debt for each American citizen is not far shy of $38,000 a person, and most Americas are not in much of a mood to get even further into debt. Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General for TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program, for those who didn’t know) has estimated that the government is committed to spending almost $24 trillion to “fix” the economy, and even went so far as to accuse the Treasury of not being transparent enough in regards to TARP. Considering Obama promised us the most transparent and ethical administration in United States history, this could potentially be a devastating blow. Obama is suffering on his own, as well. For the first time, he’s upside down in the polls, and considering the problems he‘s having with his health care reform, the numbers are likely to get worse over time.
And just how are the Democratic health care advocates responding to this? Basically, they are trying to shut down debate about the bill and just get the program passed already. And why not? It worked for the stimulus package. But it’s not working this time, and Democrats are ready with censorship, threats, and refusal to disclose information to their constituents.

What kind of threats, censorship, and lies are Democrats using in their panicked state to try to get this health care bill passed? Be sure to go and read the whole thing to find out.

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