New AIP column: And, now we’re broke

New AIP column: And, now we’re broke

My newest column is up at American Issues Project. Here’s a sampling:

So, according to Barack Obama, the key to our long-term sustainability is financing Medicare and Medicaid? Since Medicare will likely go broke by 2018, clearly the key must be to nationalize the health care industry. Where exactly we will get the money to do that is beyond me, but since when has Obama been concerned with having a plan? Now, 2018 is a little bit of a surprising date for Medicare to go broke. That’s two years sooner than was expected a year ago, and twelve years sooner than was expected when Bush was first sworn in. And rather than privatize health care (and Social Security, for that matter) Obama’s solution is to take something that failed on a small scale and apply it to a large scale. The question is, with nationalized health care, what will happen?

With the boomers rapidly aging, we’ll start seeing the rationing of health care, because the government will not be able to afford treatment for everyone. Just ask Britons, Cubans, or Canadians. They can enlighten you as to how that works. Elderly citizens who aren’t considered to be productive citizens anymore will be put on waiting lists to receive treatment for life-threatening illnesses. Think it couldn’t happen? Again, go try the Canadian health care system, or the British. It’s happening there as we speak.

Make sure to go and read the whole thing.

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