MrBeast Blindness Video Reaction Shows Some Ugly

MrBeast Blindness Video Reaction Shows Some Ugly

MrBeast Blindness Video Reaction Shows Some Ugly

I fully admit, the only reason I know about the MrBeast YouTube channel is because of my kids. MrBeast is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, personalities on the platform.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, creates funny and eye-catching videos, which means he has a ton of sponsors. These videos are not political, usually involve his group of goofy friends who have become known personalities as well, and often revolve around video game streaming or other wacky challenges. Because his content is clean and appeals to so many young viewers, it means he makes a lot of money off his YouTube channel. Which means that he has the funding to do large-scale stunts, like giving away cash prizes and cars and houses, and supporting charities. And because he currently has 131 million subscribers to his channel, the revenue keeps flowing in.

His latest video was about providing corrective eye surgery to a thousand people from all over the world. Just watch it for yourself.

As I am watching an older family member slowly go blind, I can confirm that it is one of the most limiting and disheartening that can happen to a person. The loss of personal freedom and the ability to do any of a hundred things that we need our eyes for – driving a car, reading a book, looking at people’s faces as we talk to them – is a constant struggle for those with limited eyesight. And if MrBeast can sponsor a thousand eye surgeries to correct that problem for people all over the world, then what’s the problem?

But the left on Twitter has a problem. You see, MrBeast is just doing this for the clicks and the likes. He doesn’t actually CARE like the left does.

You see, the leftists HATE it when people are charitable because it proves that people can solve problems better than governments.

And then Brianna Wu (she who once claimed that we could drop rocks from the moon to flatten whole cities) chimed in and then chickened out.
MrBeast, for his part, had this to say about the Twitter troll reaction.

Several users and prominent influencers wrote messages of support underneath Donaldson’s tweet, saying that they supported the YouTuber’s charitable efforts.”

Donaldson, who became the most-followed individual YouTube creator in November, has developed a reputation for posting altruistic videos that involve giving away large sums of money. He rose to fame in 2018 for viral videos where he donated thousands of dollars to small streamers, and in 2022, he gave away at least $3.2 million — plus a $2.5 million jet and a private island — in challenge prizes, according to all the YouTube videos he posted that year.”

In 2020, Donaldson founded an organization called Beast Philanthropy, with the initial focus of distributing food to underserved regions around Donaldson’s hometown of Greenville, North Carolina, but which has since launched humanitarian aid projects around the world. His charitable and elaborate giveaways featured in videos across his multiple channels have previously been received with overwhelming support and positivity.”

So, what is really behind the left’s outsized negativity toward MrBeast? Yes, he’s getting exposure – but he’s getting it for doing something charitable and GOOD. YouTube often has “creators” who produce absolutely negative dreck for attention. Something good happens and NOW the left is complaining?

Which gets to the real reason behind the left’s temper tantrum. You see, MrBeast is actually doing something good with his money – and he’s doing it without the government’s help or direction. Remember how the left absolutely SLOBBERED all over Sam Bankman-Fried and his “effective altruism“? Well, the whole concept of “effective altruism” was “earn to give” – but Sam Bankman-Fried gave money to Democrat-approved causes. How many Democrats have had to return FTX funds? How many media companies? How many leftist causes? You see, the left LOVED Sam Bankman-Fried because he gave money to their causes. You see, the left wants rich people to support their charity projects, allow for massive amounts of grift and mismanagement, meaning that very few real people in Haiti are helped in the end and Chelsea Clinton gets a huge wedding.

MrBeast, by contrast, gave money and services directly to PEOPLE. That’s not how the left does things. The reason that they are reacting so poorly to people getting life-changing eye surgery is because they got left out of the loop, and didn’t get a financial cut. So of course they are going to complain. After all, charity to left is for two things – first, to make them look good by supporting said charity, and second, to raise money for themselves off their support for said charity. MrBeast just paid for eye surgeries and gave out some additional cash gifts and a Tesla – all without asking the left’s permission or help, or asking for the government’s help. Which proves that charity can be effective when the end goal is helping people. Even though MrBeast is asking why governments don’t try and fix some of these problems themselves, he at least did something about it.

Which is more than anyone who is complaining about this video can say.

Featured image: MrBeast via Leon Lush on Wikimedia Commons, cropped, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

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  • Cameron says:

    I truly loathe these subhuman NPCs. And I don’t care why he did this. It’s not important.

  • Cameron says:

    Best response to “Communist Egirl” up above:

    Can’t agree with anything you said, but I commend you on the interesting attempt to promote your Onlyfans

  • Codfanglers says:

    “So, what is really behind the left’s outsized negativity toward MrBeast?”

    Spite, malice, and foaming-mouthed viciousness.

    • Cameron says:

      Since they view themselves as paragons of righteousness and they won’t help people like that, Mr. Beast is obviously doing things wrong.

  • BLSinSC says:

    Imagine the GOOD that soros and all the other billionaires could do for Humanity rather than “INVEST” in DEMOcrat politicians and policies that do NOTHING to HELP Our Nation or the World! We need to rein in the unlimited BUYING of POLITICIANS!!
    More power to anyone who promotes a program that enables those with PLENTY to help those TRULY in need!

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