Move over, DailyKos

Move over, DailyKos

They’ve got some competition coming from the right side of the aisle.

There are a lot of lefty mega-blogs: DailyKos, Democratic Underground, and The Huffington Post, for example. Our lone competitor, as far as mega-blogs go, is Free Republic.

Well, a new blog is on its way to being launched: The Next Right. Three amazing bloggers are the founders: Soren Dayton, Jon Henke from Q & O, and Patrick Ruffini. With those three leading the way, I think that The Next Right will be the next big thing for the right. We don’t have anywhere near the advertising and fundraising power that the left does, and especially not on the internet, and this is one step towards erasing that deficiency.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I’m pumped about this new venture. The last few months have seen a considerable amount of backchannel discussion between the thought leaders about the sorry state of online activism on the right — often with great agreement on a direction moving forward. The good news is that the talent is there. I’ve long relied on Soren and Jon for high-level political analysis, and by bringing it under one roof and opening the door to more people, we hope this quickly becomes a hub right-leaning junkies like you.

We don’t think this alone will solve the activism gap. Anyone who tells you that they alone have the answer is fooling you. This is not “the Daily Kos of the right.” What we’re hoping to do is create momentum and an intellectual framework for action — because action ultimately starts with narratives and ideas. We want grassroots conservatives and libertarians to start believing that they can make a difference again — a sense all too many have lost. Only you – and not some well-funded 527 — can bring the movement into the future. Only when grassroots conservative have a direct stake in the future of the party are we effective. The Next Right is about creating a vision for a 21st century Republican Party and conservative movement.

So, head on over to The Next Right and sign up today. You can sign up to be a writer, and get alerts on the newest developments. Also, you can join the group on Facebook (which I am already a member of). You’ll want to get in on this early!

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  • pissant says:

    Good, hopefully they will be more concerned with conservatism than republicanism. Though I seem to remember Ruffini as a Rudy shill.

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