Moms for Liberty is Effective So The Left Seeks to Criminalize Them

Moms for Liberty is Effective So The Left Seeks to Criminalize Them

Moms for Liberty is Effective So The Left Seeks to Criminalize Them

If all the world’s a stage, we’ve seen this play before. The Left controls this nation’s major institutions and brooks no dissent. Indeed, not only is dissent no longer patriotic, dissent is to be criminalized.

And no recent group has been more effective in organizing around a vocal dissent from the Left’s anti-American juggernaut than Moms for Liberty. The hatred directed towards them is palatable and the sleazy smearing and slander is epic.

Moms for Liberty launched in January 2021 when frustration with pandemic masking rules had reached a boiling point. (snip)

Its slogan, emblazoned on thousands of t-shirts, is “We don’t co-parent with the government.”

That message has found an enormous and growing audience. With 120,000 members and nearly 300 chapters in 45 U.S. states, Moms for Liberty is already the most consequential education advocacy organization since Teach For America—but with none of the halo effect that inspired a generation of elite college grads to put off law school and Wall Street to teach in inner cities.

This is strange comparison. Teach for America’s mission is Peace-Corps-eque organization to get young adults to do a two-year stint as teachers before continuing on with their post-grad plans.

It should be noted that Teach for America is not without their own controvery — e.g. has never found fans among teachers’ unions.

Moms for Liberty is about rooting out the Leftwing corruption of the public school system. Since schools are locally organized, any opposition to the status quo has been rarely effective. Well-funded teachers’ unions have the deep pockets and state/nationwide power to effectively crush parents and seat hand-picked school board members. Moms for Liberty has been effective in upsetting that rotten apple cart, to the howling shrieks of the usual Leftwing acolytes in media,

The Nation described Moms for Liberty as “hateful fascist bigots.” The New Republic said the group has “created nightmares for schools across the country.” An article in Vice reported they have ties to the Proud Boys—a claim that co-founder Tiffany Justice strenuously denied to me. A story in The Washington Post led with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent designation of Moms for Liberty as an “extremist group” devoted to spreading “messages of anti-inclusion and hate.”

I touched on Moms for Liberty just yesterday when highlighting the Democrats trotting out the Karen slur in their ongoing effort to get concerned moms to sit down and shut up.

When you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target.

Yet, while we may be used to the old yin-yang of political discourse, the shouting matches between political opponents, the ongoing push by the Left to criminalize free speech and punish dissent from their ideology has not subsided. Even Creepy Joe’s recent spanking from a Federal Judge over his admin’s collusion with BigMedia in order to censor speech, something forbidden to the government, has enraged and emboldened the Left.

While Merrick Garland’s memo to sic the FBI on parents who show up to school board meetings with less than a worshipful attitude fell flat and cost the National School Boards Association (NSBA) a significant number of memberships, as far as we know, the memo has never been withdrawn. And the usual suspects in California want to take it a step further, and criminalize criticism of public schools and school employees — even if it takes place off-campus.

After hearing testimony from two mothers about gender ideology run amok in California schools, the chair of the state Assembly Public Safety Committee was convinced that new safeguards are needed—not to protect students from gender “nonbinary” sleeping arrangements or graphic sexual material in public schools, as described by the moms, but to protect teachers from angry parents like them.

“We need to do something,” said Democratic state assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D.), calling the moms “a real-life example of what you’re dealing with” as teachers. In a unanimous 6-0 vote, his committee went on to advance the bill that the moms testified against, Senate Bill 596, which would criminalize Californians who “harass” or make a “credible threat” against school employees off-campus.

We’ve covered the California Left’s Marxist bent to marginalizing parents and destroying families before. From making California a sanctuary where groomed kids can be sexually exploited cuz TQ+ and their parents will have no legal standing to Democrats refusing to let out of committee a bill making child trafficking a serious felony. If SB 596 passes, how long before Soros’ puppet DAs like George Gascon will demand raids on Moms for Liberty’s local chapters?

Moms for Liberty is only 3 years old and its rapid growth, while subject to usual growing pains and stumbles, is filling the need of parents who feel powerless to protect their children from Leftwing religious indoctrination on their dime.

We are in a struggle for our children. We must win. That’s why the Left is afraid of Moms for Liberty.

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