Military response to George Bush vs. military response to Barack Obama

Military response to George Bush vs. military response to Barack Obama

Wonder who the troops like more. Let’s check out the reaction from the military when presented with their Commander-in-Chief, shall we?

First, President Bush:

Now, President Obama’s entrance to meet Marines at Camp Lejeune last week:

The excitement was noticeably muted. They didn’t even clap.

I could’ve predicted this, though. Anyone could have. There is a noted difference in the respect the military had for George Bush, and the respect they have now for Barack Obama. But can you blame them? Why on earth should our troops respect a man who has zero respect for them? I mean, technically they have to. But the difference in how they react to Bush vs. Obama speaks volumes.

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  • Firehand says:

    They have to respect the office; the rank, if you prefer, but they don’t have to respect the man. I think that’s what you see: Bush, for all his faults, truly respected and honored the troops for what they did, and they appreciated that. Obama seems to think of them as nasty barbarian types who mainly use up money he’d like to use buying votes; and they know it.

  • Mat says:

    I would agree with Firehand and take it one step further. It’s not just Obama, but the current generation of leadership in the Democratic Party. Once the Greatest Generation was out of the collective leadership role, what you had was the Boomer generation, and we all know what kind of nonsense they pulled. We have now had
    three Boomers in charge of the country. Bush Jr., for all of his faults, still served in the military. Can the Democratic Boomers say the same? Clinton was a draft dodger, Obama was…well we don’t know what he was. Two Democratic leaders who not only had zero military experience, but often viewed the military as the enemy.

    Clinton had contempt for the military until he needed them to run all of his stupid gimmick wars while Obama has the unenviable (at least for him) task of fighting a war (he has to, whether he likes it or not) while disliking the military. Is it all that surprising that the troops aren’t enthusiastic with him?

  • AmericanSoldier says:

    I am so PROUD of President Bush, as my former Commander-In-Chief, and a President with BACKBONE in his Faith, and in this Country’s National Defense. He had some thoughts – please show me who doesn’t…

    I have NO trust or pride in B. H. Obama. I do respect the office, and will follow his orders, but have little regard for this liberal socialist.

    America was really STUPID in electing this guy, and the GOP failed to stick to Conservative principals. GOP lost Elections, and opened the door for this president.

  • AmericanSoldier says:

    Agreed. ALL in the Democrat Party are NOT to be trusted by the Military.

  • Cylar says:

    I think what bothers me is when I run across the occasional military type who actually disliked President Bush and/or votes Democratic.

    These people are a paradox to me. It is like a black or a Jew joining a skinhead group. I was playing World of Warcraft a few months ago, and a player I was grouped with claimed to be an intel officer in the Air Force, stationed in Germany. He was actually the one who brought up the subject of politics (this was right before the election) and proceeded to tell me what an “idiot” he thought Sarah Palin was. (He also admitted to being a homosexual.)

    I also work with an Air Force veteran, a guy in his late 30’s. He could barely contain himself watching an Obama speech given right after the inauguration. Kept going on about how “this guy is on it” and what a welcome change that was from the “idiot” in the previous administration.

    What in the hell is wrong with these people That is always my first question. I could excuse (almost) this kind of ignorance and mush-headed thinking from someone who’s never been anywhere or done anything with his life…but it always seems to me like military personnel, quite frankly, should know better than to support liberals or oppose conservatives.

    My disgust applies equally to military vets, and current active duty/reservist forces.

  • NB says:

    Agreed on points made above.

    @Cylar – Regarding military liberals, I know quite a few liberals who went military out of high school (this would be circa 1997-98) and the concept of a liberal in the military boggled my mind but as I got to know them, I came to the following conclusion. They went for the GI Bill benefits, to take advantage of the career training, and at a time when the US military was not nearly as active as it was during the first Gulf war or now so there was reasonably little risk of actually being deployed (I mean, yeah I know the risk, was building during that period and the risk always exists but it was a calm period, relatively speaking). On the other hand I have the great honor of knowing many military men and women who signed on because they believed in their country, they believed it was their duty, and they signed up specifically to be a part of a life threatening fight in defense of the Constitution and citizens of the United States. This latter group is without fail, in every case, 100% conservative.

    In the military, as in civilian life, the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative is that the two begin from two very different foundational paradigms.

  • Bob says:

    Notice the people selected to sit behind him in the close-up? I count 5 soldiers, of which 2 are women, 3 are black. So unless our military is about 20% white women, 20% black women, and 40% black men (it isn’t) I’d say maybe someone saw a photo-op too good to pass up.

    I really wish the military wouldn’t be used for that sort of thing. That isn’t really it’s purpose.

    And yeah, the difference in responses is impressive (not unexpected though).

  • Taylor says:

    When the next crop of officers graduate, I sense the chest bumps, high-fives, hugs, and general affection from the POTUS bestowed on the grads will not be happening at our Service Academies.

    And I will miss that. Bush seemed to get a major kick out of greeting and congratulating Academy Grads.


  • elaine says:

    Wow, I currently serves in the militaty, served three tours in Iraq. I be damn gone, I never knew that we can sound off like that. At first hearing the Bush clip, I sure thought I lost my hearing, o my goodness. Wow, only if we can get our Soldiers to sound off like that in formation, we will be alright. I was in Iraq when Bush visit us in 2006, o my gracious, the American Soldiers brought down the house. We didn’t even know He was there, it was so loud. Now that He is out of Washington, I hope He visit us again. A whole bunch of us miss Him.

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