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Michele Bachmann is an EEEEEEVIL Obama-hating birther!!!

Michele Bachmann is an EEEEEEVIL Obama-hating birther!!!

Michele Bachmann is an EEEEEEVIL Obama-hating birther!!!

So say several liberal websites who have gotten their panties all in a wad over a relatively simple procedure in the House. To see what they’re all so angry about, watch this video:

A website called the Minnesota Independent said it was Bachmann showing “birther sympathies”:

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann blocked House action Monday on a resolution recognizing Hawaii as President Obama’s birthplace. It’s the first time the Minnesota congresswoman has shown “birther” sympathies.
Bachmann rose to call quorum to stop a voice vote on H.R. 593, a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood that includes in its preamble: “Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii.”
… It’s hard to interpret Bachmann’s maneuver as anything other than her first foray into birtherism, that burgeoning political movement founded on the proposition that Obama was born somewhere other than the United States of America.

They later amended their post at least, although they didn’t actually apologize or anything:

Salon reports that Bachmann was simply playing an assigned role to help postpone all votes until Monday evening, when she in fact voted in support of the resolution — along with everyone else in Congress, where it passed unanimously.

Another liberal website, Think Progress, also joined in the birther hysteria:

Today, Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) introduced a resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood. The resolution also proclaims the state as President Obama’s birthplace, a point the Plum Line’s Greg Sargent noted may “put House GOPers who are flirting with birtherism in a jam.” This afternoon on the House floor, Abercrombie spoke of his measure and specifically noted that Obama had been born in Hawaii. “It’s also going to be the birthday in a week or so of President Obama, born in Kapiolani hospital just down the road from where I lived,” he said. Just as the presiding chair of the House, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), was about to declare the resolution passed by voice vote, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) stood and objected.

And of course, Wonkette couldn’t be kept out of the action:

Amazing things have happened in the House this afternoon; go read all of what Sam Stein wrote, here, he’s good at these things. Briefly, though: Rep. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii — former buddy of Barack Obama Senior! — introduced a resolution “Recognizing and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the entry of Hawaii into the Union as the 50th State,” which now includes the line, “Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii…” SO WHAT’S IT GONNA BE, GOP congressmen with insane constituents?? Apparently they need some time to think about this standard symbolic resolution, because Michele Bachmann blocked the quick and easy passage of it on the floor this afternoon. Why would she do that?

While of course, idiotic liberals will freak out about any conspiracy theory you throw their way regardless, this one is truly ridiculous. See, what Michele Bachmann did was purely procedural. She voted yes, for cripe’s sakes. Even Salon didn’t fall for it and, shockingly, defended Bachmann:

The way the resolution was brought to the floor, under a procedure known as suspension of the rules, also indicated that it wasn’t meant as a political maneuver. The procedure is generally used for measures unlikely to cause any controversy, and means that the amount of debate on the bill is limited, as is the number of amendments that can be added, but means that two-thirds of the House must vote in favor in order for the legislation to pass. Fifteen other measures were brought to the House floor under the same procedure Monday.

… This time, though, Bachmann was being criticized unfairly. She did indeed block a vote on the resolution, noting the absence of a quorum, but that move wasn’t about Abercrombie’s resolution specifically. She was just playing her part. The House had already decided to postpone the votes on all of the resolutions being considered under a suspension of the rules until Monday evening. Bachmann noted the absence of a quorum for several other non-controversial pieces of legislation so that those votes, too, could be postponed until the scheduled time.

So when the resolution was voted on later that evening, it was passed unanimously, including a “yea” vote from Bachmann. Yet only one of the blogs referenced above has updated their post to include that fact, and the one that did was very lukewarm about their “apology”. These liberals were perfectly content to smear a GOP Congresswoman as a birther, simply because she is conservative. I have no doubts at all that they knew full well that Bachmann isn’t a birther conspiracy theorist, but happily went ahead and smeared her as one anyways. If this is indeed what happened, then they really should be ashamed of themselves.

If not, it just goes to show that they clearly don’t understand Congress. And if they don’t, perhaps they should keep their idiotic mouths shut about things that are clearly beyond their intellectual capacity.

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  • WadeZ says:

    As a letter writer to the Factor last night pointed out this whole birth certificate BS, with Obami not releasing it is right out of Rules for Radicals. By keeping the certificate to themselves they can use things like this to slander and create the false impression that all conservatives are birthers and paint them as nuts.

  • ModDem says:

    Why would Obama need to release it? Did anyone ever ask for Clinton’s or Bushes or Reagan’s or Nixon’s birth certificates? No.
    This nonesense could end immediately if the Conservatives dropped it. Obama has followed every rule he needs to follow in order to qualify to run and now be President. It’s up to Conservatives to shut this story down and get on to real business. They can start by dropping the legislation proposed by Bill Posey (R-FL) to make all future presidential candidates prove they are citizens by releasing their birth certificate.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    This nonesense could end immediately if the Conservatives dropped it.

    This nonsense could end immediately if Obama released his records. And Obama could do that with the stroke of a pen.

  • WadeZ says:

    Conservatives have dropped it, only a few loons keep it up and like I said Obama likes to have it around because he can paint all conservatives as birther loons and take the focus off his horrible domestic policies and ignorant and foolish foreign policies.

  • This is a classic example of what liberalism is: The quest to find out what’s really true and what isn’t true, simply isn’t sacred. It takes a back seat to everything, and is constantly conflated with:

    1. Showing your solidarity to things
    2. Hating the correct people
    3. Getting other countries to like us
    4. Offering the proper fealty to Mother Earth
    5. Demonstrating the values that would win approval from Alan Shore
    6. …lots and lots of other stuff.

    Once you’re a real grown-up, you’re able to entertain things that would bring discomfort to an immature mind. Things like — this guy appearing in court is icky and reprehensible, but legally, he cannot be convicted (or his lawsuit against a more worthy person, actually has merit). And…I lean pretty hard toward the idea that Obama was born in Hawaii, but I understand this hasn’t really been proven, and if tomorrow some solid proof came out that His birthplace is actually Kenya I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

    With the liberal mind, this drive to find out the true state of affairs, and the true record of what has historically happened, is constantly taking a back seat to something. Usually, tribalism. This much-more-important quest to find more ways to show their people are oh so right about everything, and the other people are oh so wrong about everything.

    But it’s always something. Liberals have a very uncomfortable relationship with the truth. They never really gave a rip about whether there were WMD’s in Iraq or not; all they cared about was showing their solidarity. This is just the same stuff all over again, and WadeZ is right it’s all straight out of Alinsky’s book.

  • CaptDMO says:

    If not, it just goes to show that they clearly don’t understand Congress. And if they don’t, perhaps they should keep their idiotic mouths shut about things that are clearly beyond their intellectual capacity.

    Shirly, you jest!
    Such folk have no shame, it’s a humorous game to them.
    Actual practical knowledge has NEVER been a barrier to yelling fire in a crowded theater, it’s simply a matter of watching other people’s distress. (SEE: The Boy Who Cried Wolf)
    Whether through ignorance, or intention to mislead, such folk offer
    NOTHING but lint, cloging the strainer in the free flow of truth.

    Simply continue to dismiss them as the disingenuous hair clogs that they are, and consider input from sources with a demonstrable history of integrity-no matter WHO’s ox is gored.

    Granted, there’s value in continuing to correct the theses of the left half of the bell curve, that normally can’t be bothered beyond the easy money of lazy sensationalism, yellow journalism, and fantasy muckraking, in deciding how to eventually mark the ballots that they ARE allowed to touch.

    Or, we could just all simply imagine the only teaching moments we need can be had at a formal invitation to a beer garden, or watching buffoons attempt ironic entertainment.

  • Aresay says:

    Obama’s poll numbers are in the toilet. Can Biden pull him up? He’ll certainly try, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/search/label/Plunger

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