Marine Corps releases ad featuring a woman [video]

Marine Corps releases ad featuring a woman [video]

Marine Corps releases ad featuring a woman [video]

The services take turns trying to distance themselves from scandalous behavior. A recent scandal had to do with a closed Facebook group where members shared surreptitious and sometimes voluntary images of female Marines. General Neller, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, got dressed down by Representative Kristin Gillibrand (D, NY) on this incident. It was cringe-worthy.

Commandant of the Marine Corps

So in the interest of proving that the Marine Corps is a great place for women it looks like the Corps has happened upon a new recruiting tool: featuring a woman in combat. The voice over is distinctly male, with male warrior language for the transcript.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good ad, but I’m not sure it win over any women or men. It shows a little girl, then young woman, engaging in typical male behavior – stopping a fight at school, then playing rugby. Finally the ad winds up on a female in combat, supposedly leading a team. Here is the 30 second version:

What do you think? Is recruiting going to explode with a few good women?


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  • parker says:

    Sorry, but women in combat should be restricted to the airforce or the navy (except for subs). Women should never be engaged in ground combat. The only exception would be a civil war. In that case we would need every gun available.

    • Jenny North says:

      If we are just talking about women killing the enemy, I don’t have a blanket objection to women in combat. But the way they are going about this is not beneficial to women or to the services. They can’t make women do the same jobs as men and expect them to be as successful, but there are plenty of lethal jobs that women could do well. The more the message is “be like a man” the more I reject it.

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