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LL Cool J designing “relaxed and sexy” clothing line… for kids

LL Cool J designing “relaxed and sexy” clothing line… for kids

Lolitas, here you go:

The line, called LL Cool J for Sears, will see the rapper create clothing for young boys and girls, and will be sold initially in 450 Sears stores across North America.

Speaking to, LL, whose real name is James Todd Smith, says having three daughters helped him decide on his designs: “I was raised by a matriarch, I have a wife and three daughters, so I know what women are looking for when they shop for clothes. Clothes have to make a woman feel good, relaxed and sexy. We are going to be constantly looking at fine-tuning the fit and we’ll get it right.”

I’m glad that LL Cool J thinks that kids’ clothes need to be sexy. That’s a GREAT thing to keep in mind when designing a clothing line for children. I mean, I know that when I have a little girl, that’s the kind of stuff I’ll have her wear. I mean, come on. Who wants an ugly kid? My seven-year-old is gonna look HOT. I’ll buy all kinds of stuff from LL Cool J’s line AND from Beyonce’s. All those boys in the playground are gonna LOVE her, and she’s gonna be, like, the most popular girl in school. And I’ll be the best mom EVAH.

OK, sarcasm off.

What is the deal with all these ADULTS trying to sexualize children? Is part of this wishful thinking on their part or something… you know, like living vicariously through their children because they aren’t young and hot anymore? I feel like I’m kind of grasping at straws here, but there has to be some kind of explanation for this craziness. The word “sexy” should not be used in conjunction with “children” in any way, shape, or form. Neither should “hot”, or “juicy”, or “luscious”, or any other kind of word that does not mean “cute”, “sweet”, “adorable”, and most importantly, “age-appropriate”.

And you know, it doesn’t surprise me that celebrities are this idiotic and vapid. But when they’re pitching these ideas for “sexy” clothes for children to these chain store CEOs, who presumably have what celebrities lack (a brain, common sense, intelligence, etc.) why is it that none of them stop and think, “Gee, this isn’t such a good idea… “? I guess the same reason that parents go out and buy the crap. It’s a thought process I just can’t understand.

Pictures from the line haven’t been released yet — that I’ve been able to find, anyway — but when they are, you’ll see them here. God help us.

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  • bob says:

    And I’ll be the best mom EVAH.

    Absolutely hysterical!!!!!!

  • WayneB says:

    A different manifestation of this is a TV commercial I have been seeing lately. I don’t remember what company the ad is for, but this mother and daughter go up to the counter and the mom orders two ice cream sundaes, but the daughter is busy smiling and waving at a boy sitting in a booth near the counter, then turns to her mother and says, “Wait, just make it one.” After they sit down, a sundae is brought out to the daughter, from the little boy. She turns around, smiles and waves again, then turns back to her mother and says, “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    At least the mother looks surprised.

  • wayne says:

    I re-read “Brave New World” ever few years. In fact, just finished it the other day. Huxley describes, among other things, toddler sex on the playground… can’t be far behind the way parents are pushing their kids to be cool and sexy !

  • William says:

    I am not at all surprised by this move towards the “sexing” up of children, mostly girls. How many clothes lines come out for boys that make them “sexy”? I’m willing to bet either zero or one (probably zero). All you have to do is look at the various court cases across the nation regarding pedophiles. Some guy kidnaps and rapes a girl under 10 years old and gets 30 days probation because he is “ill”. Yeah, and I have this awesome bridge in San Francisco I can sell you.

    It is fact that back in the old days, girls did get married pretty young (12 was not uncommon). But, when guys lived to be only like 30, then you had to marry young. That is not the case today, but yet, it appears to be what the MSM (among others) is wanting to happen again. “Yes, she is 12 and now a ‘woman’. She can date and/or marry whoever she wants because she is ‘mature'”. Really? I have never met a mature 12 year old girl, and I know that if I ever have a girl she will not be walking out of the house looking like a prostitute. Ain’t happenin’!

  • Van Helsing says:

    I wonder if the slinky negligees for 9-year-olds come with Che Guevara’s portrait on the front.

  • Marissa says:

    LL Cool J and Beyonce… are these lines to be marketed towards the hip-hop community? If so, that’s a telling glimpse into the results of these entertainers’ market research.

  • Rickvid in Seattle says:

    Saw a photo in a local rag last week of a 10 year old all dolled up for some contest. The article was about this sexualizing thing. Didn’t really pay much attention until I saw something reeeaaallllyyyy disturbing – the kid had CLEAVAGE! I know they grow up fast these days, but that kid did not have a bustline, but did have cleavage. How perverted are parents as well as the dressers?

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