known by the company you keep

known by the company you keep

known by the company you keep

though a relative newcomer to national politics, much of the country has been bedazzled by the eloquent and charismatic barack obama.  and certainly by now we all know that obama wants us to think of him as the change agent — that he’s hopeful, has sound judgement at 3 am, will take the country in a different direction. 

the sun is breaking through the storm clouds as a choir begins to sing…  i digress.  *cough*

i guess it’s that “will take the country in a different direction” part that bothers me the most.  so here we go: 

obama isn’t the uniter we hope for – there’s that little irritation called a 20 yr relationship with his anti American pastor ;  obama isn’t that pro-american advocate in chief for our country’s interests we hope for – there’s that equally troubling relationship with an unrepentant terrorist; and obama isn’t that ‘agent of change’ we need – he seems quite easily linked to a crooked indicted political fundraiser named Tony Rezko .  all of this and i haven’t even mentioned that he has the most far left votes in the Senate of anyone.  can you say socialism? 

he showed his true feelings at a private fundraiser in San Francisco saying condescendingly that many people cling to their religion and guns and are bitter.  his speeches now resemble most other political speeches. he defends himself against attacks and he attacks back — feeling quite put out that someone would actually call him on inconsistencies.

perhaps obama looks at ayers – the unrepentant terrorist – and really does see an english teacher; looks at Wright – the anti american pastor – and really sees only your average Christian pastor.  if that is so, then the question that needs to be asked of all those bedazzeled by obama is: 

are you comfortable with a president who looks at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and thinks,

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