Kelsey’s Purpose

Kelsey’s Purpose

Kelsey’s Purpose

This is the story of Kelsey Briggs, the daughter of a U.S. soldier. She died just days before he returned from Iraq, not even three years old, after suffering child abuse — physical and sexual — at the hands of her stepfather. Her mother and stepfather are both in prison for her murder. After being removed from the home of her mother, a judge, Craig Key, sent her right back (he made sure to write a book to tell “his side” of the story).

Child abuse is a tragedy, and one that happens too often. Visit Kelsey’s Purpose to learn more about Kelsey and how you can help fight against child abuse.

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  • Angry White Guy says:

    I hope her mother and step father die VERY slowly in prison, and then roast for eternity in hell

  • Keith says:

    I hope this judge loses his job and is disbarred.

  • gredd says:

    He needs to be disbarred yesterday.

  • Anonymous says:

    God, we pray that you take the soul of Kelsey into your divine mercy.

  • Rickvid in Seattle says:

    Child abuse, 9/11, the London Bombings, Madrid – these are NOT tragedies, they are ATTROCITIES!

    We need to get the language right on this.

  • some one tht understands.. says:

    Kelsey wouldve grown up to be a beautiful young lady..

    i went through the same thing as a child…and as a teen..still am…im only 16 and still the scars wont go away..but i know..tht theres always a reason for these things…

    kelseys was tht god needed an angel…a beautful little angel..

  • jwismer07 says:

    do you even know what the hell your talking about keith and gredd this is sad do you know how many people die from child abuse a year 3.4 million
    im sorry father of this young girl

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