Israel is doing what it needs to do: eradicate Hamas

Israel is doing what it needs to do: eradicate Hamas

The world has been watching Israel the past week. Liberals everywhere are crying for peace. Protests are being held in front of Israeli embassies around the world. Crazy Cynthia McKinney dropped the subtlety and tried to sail a yacht carrying medical supplies to the Gza strip. And why is all of this happening?

Because Israel has had enough; because they’re defending themselves from a murderous, violent, bloodthirsty extremist group of terrorists who want to see their country, their home, their history, and their very being wiped off the map.

After Hamas has fired rockets at Israel over and over and over again, causing the deaths of thousands of innocent Israeli civilians, Israel has finally had enough, and on Saturday, they started a massive offensive targeting Hamas. The first wave of air strikes deployed 60 warplanes, dropping 100 bombs on 50 targets, with 95% reaching their intended targets. Immediately afterwards, Israel took out the Palestinian rocket launchers to quell retaliation.

Most of the casualties — the casualties the world is crying about — were Hamas operatives. Yes, some civilians were killed. These civilians were also living in areas where rockets were launched and Hamas operatives were being kept in their homes. Israel targeted Hamas facilities, such as training camps and police headquarters. Again, most of the casualties were Hamas operatives.

Yet somehow, Israel is being painted as the bad guy here.


What is Israel supposed to do in this situation? Hamas — and most of the other countries in the Middle East, by the way — wants to wipe Israel off the map. Getting back the land won’t pacify them; they literally want to exterminate all Israelis. And Israel has committed the sin of… fighting back. They’ve sensibly refused a truce (along with Hamas), saying they won’t accept it unless the same terms are applied to Hamas and that Hamas will be held to them.

Of course, to liberals around the world, that’s too much. It’s not fair to the poor, poor Palestinians who keep trying to blow up Israel. It’s not fair that Israel expects Hamas to be held to the same standards they are.

Oh, and unlike Israel, who is solely targeting Hamas operatives, Hamas is targeting civilians.

Hamas is determined to fight a war that, if Israel fully engages in, they’ll have no chance of winning. And if Israel does not take a stand and end this, it will never stop. Never. Hamas will never stop attacking them, and even if they succeed and wipe out Israel will they be happy then? No. They’ll look for the next country to exterminate. Really, Israel would be doing themselves and the world a favor if they just give Hamas what it wants: a no holds-barred war. Israel should just wipe them out, make it quick, and just get it over with. Really, it’s the kinder thing to do, rather than drawing out years and years and years of reluctant warfare.

Hamas will never stop attacking Israel. Israel just wants to exist peacefully. Unfortunately, there’s only one way for that to happen, and, as usual, it isn’t the way that liberals want it to be.

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  • Big Al says:

    Israel wouldn’t need an army, they wouldn’t need to put up barriers, they wouldn’t have to build walls, and no Palestianian would suffer wounds or death, except for one thing – Israel is constantly under attack. Israel isn’t the aggressor here, Hamas is. Israel wants nothing more than peace, if it wasn’t so they would have used their might to squash Hamas long ago. Israel HAS given peace a chance. The other side wants no peace, they seek Israeli death and destruction. The fault, the TOTAL fault, lies with those that seek to harm Israel. Israel only seeks to protect itself from harm. Those that point an accusing finger toward Israel only perpetuate hate, death, and destruction. They are fools.

  • Shannon says:

    Israel has to do what it is doing now because of the soon change in US leadership. New leadership coming in is much more supportive of Hamas and less of Israel.

    Secondly, if the Palestinians really want peace, then they should work with Israel and point out where all the Hamas operatives are located instead of helping them hide.

  • spike says:

    yeah, call the israelis ‘crazy’, but they seem to have an aversion to rockets landing on playgrounds and psychos walking into the local cafe wearing explosive vests…if there were rockets coming across the rio grande into texas, mexico would become our 51st state in about a week and the narcoterrorists would be playing ‘bobbing for answers’ in gitmo

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