#InternationalWomensDay Accept No Facsimiles

#InternationalWomensDay Accept No Facsimiles

#InternationalWomensDay Accept No Facsimiles

It’s a strange day where women are ostensibly celebrated by being told to accept men as women.

We are well beyond the idea that womanhood is a single, universal experience, dependent on shared biology, or even reproductive experiences. My childless girlfriends are terrified and ecstatic at all the right plot points when I recount giving birth, while I’ve supported them through infertility and abortion, despite personally not having dealt with either.

“Woman” is a social category and a personal, political identification – it’s not shared by everyone with female genitalia, and not off-limits to those whose bodies mark them as male, or otherwise.

No. “Woman” is not a social or political identification. This is the first assertion of this author that must be challenged. If it has been wrong to bully women into careers or jobs they wouldn’t have freely chosen, it is even more wrong to bully women to adopting a particular political stance in order to be declared “authentic”. We have witnessed far too often conservative or libertarian women attacked as “not women” because of their views.

Now, women are going to be delegitimized and driven from the public square because they disagree with the absurd diktat Some women have penises?

Human beings come in two sexes. Male and female. That’s biology, that’s science and no amount of gender-masking via conforming to stereotypical clothing, make-up or cosmetic surgery will change the reality of an individual’s sex that was determined at conception.

And don’t feel this is a frivolity that can be ignored.

Also, this is a violent coup. By socializing transgender people to believe that “misgendering” them is murder, transgender activists are inciting transgender-identified people to violence and murder. Transgender-identified heterosexual men claiming to be lesbians marched in Pride marches last year brandishing weapons and signs with death threats. At least one boy murdered his parents and their dog for refusing to believe he is transgender. His actual problem is probably autism, but therapists are supposed to affirm a self-diagnosis of transgenderism by teens and not check to see if they have another problem causing that belief, including their fear of coming out as gay or lesbian. Transgender activists also no-platform meetings and try to get anyone who questions their motives fired from their jobs. Actually, that’s what they do to everyone who questions them or tries to have a female-only space.

Witness the fascistic behavior of trans-activists against even accepted (for now) biological science.

When banal observations like “men and women are different heights” prompts the accusation that I’m both brainwashed and a Nazi, it’s clear that this was not good faith protest.

It is true that the authoritarian-left is denying biology, but the deeper truth of the situation is perhaps even more concerning. The incoherence of the protesters’ responses and the fact that the walkout was scheduled in advance suggests something darker: the protesters are “read-only,” like a computer file that cannot be altered. They will not engage ideas — they will not even hear ideas — because their minds are already made up. They have been led to believe that exposure to information is in and of itself dangerous.

If International Women’s Day is to be about real, authentic women, then let it be about women, regardless of political differences and certainly not about facsimiles.

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