In the Ultimate Lockdown, Researchers in Antarctica Get the Rona

In the Ultimate Lockdown, Researchers in Antarctica Get the Rona

In the Ultimate Lockdown, Researchers in Antarctica Get the Rona

Belgian researchers in Antarctica, at the most remote end of the earth, have tested positive for COVID.

The Belgians did it all, and I mean all the protocols for avoiding COVID, and still contracted COVID.

“Two thirds of the staff based at Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught the Omicron variant… All staff passed multiple PCR tests, quarantining, and being fully vaccinated with one having received a booster shot.”

Who was careless? Who didn’t get a vaccine or a booster? Who didn’t wear a mask?

The answer: no one.

“All 25 researchers were fully vaccinated and one had a booster shot. Before leaving for the station, they underwent a PCR test in Belgium two hours before flying to South Africa…In South Africa, they quarantined for 10 days and took another PCR test. A further test was needed when leaving Cape Town for Antarctica and a final one five days after that.”

Two-thirds of the researchers have tested positive. They landed December 14th, with the first positive case among the team showing up ten days later. Just in time for Christmas. Footage of a Christmas wonderland in the Antarctic…pure bliss to watch. For those hunkered down in the Belgian outpost, it’s the dance of temperature taking, Vitamin C and taking vitals.


This rona development begs some serious questions. The researchers in Antarctica did all the recommendations governments around the world say to do, including “social distancing” to the extreme. Antarctica is about as socially distanced as you can get. They checked all the protocol boxes for the opportunity to be super cold and observe snow.


Oops! That’s right, they’re vaxxed. Fully vaccinated and boosted. Yet, two-thirds are COVID positive. Before any keyboard warrior starts pounding out a response along the lines of “but but but, they aren’t symptomatic.” You sure about that?

“…it’s not thought that any of the Belgian’s have experienced severe symptoms.”

Because I’m a nice person and I don’t wish despair on anyone, I do hope these folks ride out their flu with no complications.

Let’s remember those on the left side of the aisle aren’t at kind. A little blast from the past reminds us how Democrats coined the phrase “mask it or casket” hoping Republicans suffer from COVID.

Who can forget the primaries leading up to the cluster of fun known as Election 2020?

“Kansas House Democratic candidate Aaron Coleman on Friday urged Republican candidates not to wear a mask during the pandemic in anticipation they would be stricken by COVID-19 and do poorly in the November general elections.”

Oh but this is an isolated incident, say the keyboard warriors. To which I would give a twofold answer.

You got that right. The report from researchers in Antarctica is an isolated incident, where every protocol was done to a T, including vaccinations and isolation, and yet we have an outbreak.

Second, outbreaks among the vaxxed are happening everywhere. Currently, American mainstream media is tone-deaf and won’t peep or tweet about anything suggesting anything less than vaxxed and masks are the answer.

In Canada, the numbers are lining up to match the Antarctica infection rate among the vaxxed. Look at the green line.

“’Assuming these are Omicron cases, there are only two possibilities…The vaccines have now completely failed; [or] Omicron preferentially infects vaccinated people. Hey, why not both?’”

We now face the ever-changing narrative of variants and the realization that vaccines are not effective.

I can hear the keyboard warrior’s head exploding. Let me leave one more fun example of the failures of COVID vaccines. Ninety-four percent of NFL players are vaccinated as of December 15th, as noted by the NFL itself.

Despite the NFL’s pride in their successful vaccine efforts, as of yesterday,

“For the past three weeks, NFL teams have been hit hard with COVID-19 cases because of the rise of the Omicron variant throughout the world. More than 100 players have already landed on the COVID/reserve list ahead of Week 17 games, and there were 96 positive tests alone on Monday, a new high for a single day.”

I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m pro-choice when it comes to vaccinating yourself. In getting vaccinated, I do believe in a “buyer beware” approach. You get what you pay for—the human race is getting very little bang for the buck. A Herculean effort has been made in the last year to get every humanoid vaccinated, and it’s not working. An incredible campaign to make humans wear masks, socially distance and shove Q-tips up their nose hasn’t worked either. Ask the Belgian researchers in Antarctica hanging out with the penguins.

Featured Image: Visit to Antarctica Research Station Princess Elizabeth by bram_souffreau via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic, cropped. 


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