How Many People Will Have to DIE Before We Get Rid of DEI?

How Many People Will Have to DIE Before We Get Rid of DEI?

How Many People Will Have to DIE Before We Get Rid of DEI?

When a beer goes woke, we can point, laugh and go about our lives none worse for the wear. But prioritizing melanin over competence in the cockpit is playing a losing hand with people’s lives.

In many ways this shouldn’t be shocking. It is the logical progression of the Left’s march through all our institutions where a victim hierarchy, with the spoils going to the Biggest Intersectional Victims replaces a hierarchy of competence. Remember, things we have taken for granted as Americans – meritocracy, punctuality, hard work, attention to detail – aren’t aspirational values but the mark of White Supremacy. And as every person of pallor is irredeemably racist, then scrubbing them from their ill-gotten jobs, businesses and wealth is a worthy goal. Regardless of any danger to the public.

No word on how much DEI and/or ESG has had an effect on quality control at Boeing, but with approximately 45,000 flights per day in the United States alone, this emphasis on diversity over safety does not bode well.

For decades, commercial pilots were, for the most part, former military pilots. Pilots who already had gone through extremely vigorous training and culling of the less competent plus years of flight experience. That way is still open for working towards a commercial license, but with the FAA and airlines promoting “diverse flight decks” …

… as a value over, say, “your safe arrival is our number one priority”, how confident are the dreaded yte males in the military that they’ll get a fair shot after their service?

But but but … the DEI warriors will protest … we aren’t sacrificing competence at all!

Then, dudes, you wouldn’t be doing DEI at all. You’re the ones who feel that competence has to take a backseat to melanin or pronouns or whatever the Victim-Group-Du-Jour is that keeps you in your phony-baloney DEI ESG jobs. If the NBA or NFL can hire players based on competence with no thought to how the team looks or “reflects” the racial makeup of their city, why can’t airlines do the same with pilots? Or air controllers? Or any number of jobs that, if done improperly, jeopardize the safety of others?

Let’s let DEI die. Now.

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  • Carol Marks says:

    This is beyond lunacy!!

  • Cameron says:

    (Posting on the correct page now)

    Let’s be honest: The left in general despises the fact that common people can get on a plane and go somewhere without Big Daddy Government telling them they can go. If they can make air travel unsafe for everyone but the elite, they see this as a good thing. Because the folks that take private planes aren’t going to bother with token hires on their planes.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    As the spouse of a commercial pilot, this scares me. My husband had to go through YEARS of training in the military (and in the civilian world) to get where he is today. The cockpit is no joke. There are systems to learn. Every time a pilot steps onto the flight deck, he/she is responsible ALL souls on board. What would make most sensible people feel safer? Two competent pilots (Captain and FO) who have years of EXPERIENCE in the cockpit or some guy who likes to wear a dress on Sundays and the rampie who got pushed through training through DEI initiatives and pushed through recurrent even though he/she does not know the systems because the company fears a discrimination lawsuit?

    Let’s take this a few layers deeper and chat production and maintenance and the FAA and safety inspections (see Boeing and the 737 Max 9) of these amazing flying machines as these DEI initiatives are not limited to just the cockpit. If the “diverse cockpit” doesn’t get people killed, DEI initiatives elsewhere could.

    This is one field where competency should rule over ideology. An anvil cloud does not care if the captain is a they/them/zher/it/he on Saturdays only. These clowns will fly right through it with a plane full of people in hopes the rainbow is on the other side.

    • Cameron says:

      Honestly, I look at the systems that keep a pressurized hunk of metal in the sky and am grateful for folks like your husband and my father who have the brains to work it.

      Competency should be the only acceptable reason someone is flying. If that means that diversity is ignored, that’s a small price to pay.

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