Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Humans strive to create. We wish to give reality to our imagination. This Friday, let this image challenge you to fulfill your nature.

I’ll start with a story.


Each day they went about their chores, the driving value of each action – “purpose.”

He arrived in The Community and they thought him odd. He would wander the fields gazing at the sky.

“Why?” they would ask.

“Because it’s beautiful.”

They would go away confused.

He became focused on an activity, shaping, molding, sculpting.

Ah! They thought. Finally! Purpose!

“No. Because it’s beautiful.”

In spite of themselves they gathered and watched, first curious (that was a new emotion) then in awe at what was taking shape.

He leaned over, blew into his creation, and it stirred.

He smiled, “Adam.”


Now, it is your turn.

Written by

  • Brian Brandt says:

    He shaped the clay and threw it onto the wheel. He spun it into a tall, graceful vessel and used a slender stylus to inscribe a decorative design. As he drew the stylus down the body of the vase his son ran through the shop chased by their dog. “Get that animal out of here before it breaks something,” he shouted.

    – – – –

    “What does it sound like?”

    The audio technician stopped the spinning drum and turned off the laser. “There’s a dog barking and someone yelling.”

    “What did he yell?”

    “I don’t know. No one’s spoken that language for 5,000 years.”

  • Frank says:

    The fundamental tools for every skill, precision gifts, creativity endowed with the means for unlimited achievement, the hands and mind of the humble, with craft they create things others could not see or envision, which surprise the many but not the few, who appreciate the sublime result of imagination in the hands of the such gifted. Unlimited materials exist for expression and essential of all, earth itself, has from time immemorial, been employed as it is in these very hands, to form with beginning and simplistic expression, manifest objects of profound beauty that exemplify creativity’s most valued gift, humanity itself.

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