Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Your challenge is to use this image as inspiration and write a story of 100 words, no more no less. We’ll start first with a story.


Great-uncle Virgil never married after Ruby left. The other town girls tried to woo him, showing up at the house he had built for his erstwhile bride with covered dishes and no underwear. He turned them away, keeping a picture of Ruby in the foyer.

Packing up the house after the funeral, I lifted Ruby from the wall, meaning to put her in the trunk I discovered in the foyer closet. The inset held a locket of her hair, a yellowed blouse – I smiled at Virgil’s sentimentality.

Then I saw the pile of bones at the bottom of the trunk.


Now, it’s your turn.

Written by

  • JibberJabber says:

    They said you’re too old to be immature.
    They said you’re too young to know your own mind.
    You picked up the nearest travel brochure.
    You packed your things and left them all behind.

    You wanted a reason to run away,
    And I won’t say you have to settle down.
    It’d be nice if you could visit someday.
    That doesn’t mean you have to stick around.

    You move so much that you never unpack.
    You say you prefer being left alone.
    You’re free, and there’s no one to hold you back,
    But life’s more fun when you’re not on your own.

  • Steven Fletcher says:

    I reckon no one else would notice how his nose dips at the end,
    the way his ears turn outward, or his lopsided grin.

    I’ve been looking at that same face for as long as I can say.
    Mama says it’s in my genes and that I’m just built that way.

    I never knew my daddy, he left when I was ten
    But now, in this lonesome attic, that picture looks like him.

    And that man down in his recliner has the face set to a tee.
    So, Maybe finally, I’ve found the man that looks like me.

  • Jenny North says:

    The grey haired couple walked slowly hand-in-hand down the village street. The day was brisk, but their aged felted coats kept them warm. They were thinking of a day very much like this more than sixty years ago. Then, they only had that day. Today, they have all the time in the world. They took in the crisp air and the wafting aroma of the corner bakery, and continued to walk. Suddenly, they saw it, both taking a little gasp, and then hugging each other tightly. The faded sepia print, it was the only picture taken on their wedding day.

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