Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Your mission: to use the image as inspiration and to write a story of exactly 100 words.

a story,

“Sarah, meet your baby brother.”

She smiled at the small being at her side, loved him instantly, whispering to him “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you. Cross my heart!”

Sarah bravely protected him from closet monsters, later coaching him through algebra and offering him insight into the female brain (which confused him more than algebra).

Caught up in a life she refused to share, Sarah rarely called. Until tonight. From the hospital where the doors were locked and her wrists were bandaged.

He gently stroked her hair “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you. Cross my heart.”


Now, your turn.

Written by

  • “Will we see Mike Solizari again?” the little boy asked. He and his sister were waiting near the stadium box office for their mother to return with tickets for a chilly Opening Day.

    “Not this year,” said his big sister. “He’s moved on to the majors.”

    “What’s ‘moved on to the majors?’”

    “It means he’s grown into a big-leaguer,” the girl explained. “He’s with the Orioles now.”

    “Does that mean you won’t have his picture in your room anymore?” He meant the autographed photo his sister had waited forever in line for.

    “No,” the girl laughed. “I’ll always keep that!”

  • JibberJabber says:

    Kim drops her things at the Relay.
    She won’t hear a whine or pout .
    She has to leave without delay.
    With her work, Kim’s so devout.
    Her job has status and high pay.
    She can’t see she’s missing out.

    I’m happy when I see my Kyle.
    I’m in a state of blissing.
    I notice every frown or smile,
    That others are dismissing.
    It’s nice that for a little while,
    The boy gets what he’s missing.

    At eight we see the mom chauffeur.
    Relay Daycare lights are dimmed.
    “Until tomorrow,” I assure,
    And then Kyle goes home with Kim.
    Though he’s with her, he’s missing her,
    But she’s never missing him.

  • Steven Fletcher says:

    What should I say about Benji? He’s always telling stupid jokes, like… ‘what do firemen put in their soup – firecrackers,” or, “what kind of shoes do spies wear – sneakers.” They’re always corny, and stupid – and we split our sides laughing.

    So yesterday, I could see his brain working. He would smile, laugh, write in his notebook, then put the pencil back over his ear.

    He wouldn’t tell me what he had written and then would pounce all at once. “What kind of lion never roars,” “Dandelion, it’s a dandelion.”

    Hey, stupid Benji. He’s all right, I guess.



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