Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

A quote: “It’s not really a big deal for her, she is not a big drinker but it seems a trifle unfair that at this stage in her life she’s having to give up one of very few pleasures.” Family friend of Queen Elizabeth.

I’ll start with a story …


I moved out when state doctors demanded my granddaughter stop my evening glass of wine.

I found an active retirement home. Wonderful! Until government regs had the staff treating us like none-too-bright children. No more red meat, sugar – and forget about even one nightly tipple!

I finally snagged a cabin in a tiny town of curmudgeons like me. Our community potlucks are full of cheese-heavy casseroles, beer, wine and filled with laughter.

Today is my 96th birthday and I can see a parade of state vehicles coming into town.

They may know about our potlucks, but not our shooting range.


Now, it’s your turn.
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  • Lewis says:

    Good one, Darleen, my 75 year old self thanks you for that! Ice cream for breakfast!

  • Cameron says:

    I smiled at the teenager in the corner. “Bored?”
    “A bit, I guess. Sure, the party is fun but I just don’t see what the fuss is about.”
    “Well, that’s easy. When people complained in the old country they were told ‘Well why don’t you leave?’ So people did just that. And when those people succeeded, more folks fled and brought their skills with them.”
    I pointed at the older couples in the center. “The ones there were the first to come. They were the founders. That’s what this is about. Them taking a chance and giving us something great.”

  • Leigh Kimmel says:

    “You’re getting too old for that.”

    When I was a kid, I’d hear it every time my parents decided I wasn’t outgrowing something as quickly as they thought I ought to. Worse, they’d often spring the news on me right before an activity I’d been looking forward to, like the time we were going to a parade and they informed me I was not to pick up any of the candy, but to leave it for the younger children.

    Now I’m hearing it from my own children, or from my doctor, who’s young enough to be a child of mine. It’s time to stop riding horses, because a fall could be far more injurious at my age. I really ought to curtail my travels, because I could have a medical emergency and be far from anyone who knew me.

    If they had their way, there’d be nothing for me to do but sit in a rocking chair and vegetate. That’s not living, and I’d rather take my chances than slip-slide quietly into the grave.

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