Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

A quote: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ~~ Soren Kierkegaard

I’ll start with a story …


“There’s a door under my bed.” Her 4 year old’s voice curious, not afraid. Her parents took her back to her room, showing her the floor beneath her bed was occupied with but a few stray toys.

Disappointed, she didn’t tell them when the door returned under her tea-party table or the back of her closet.

Or all the times she slipped through the door to play for weeks, months, then years. Schooled between the stars, riding comets with her friends.

She always came back the moment she left.

Her 5th grade teacher wrote, “She’s so patient. An old soul.”


Now, it’s your turn.
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  • Cameron says:

    “You won’t make it out there.”
    You act as if you care.
    “You walk out that door, don’t come back”
    You act as if I would do just that.
    “You won’t have us supporting you.”
    You act as if you ever did support me.
    “You won’t see us again.”
    You act as if that was a real threat.
    “You can’t live on your own.”
    You act as if I can’t learn how.
    I open the door and the air outside is fresh, the sun is shining brightly and it’s far more peaceful than what’s behind me.
    I don’t look back.

  • cold pizza says:

    My thoughts stumbled through 74 years and marveled.

    I’d survived adolescence, two marriages, a career in manufacturing and another in sales.
    There was the car accident, the ski trip, the hurricane in Biloxi.
    I’d seen pandemics and medical miracles, fear and triumph, war and recovery. It’d been a good run.

    Until the cancer.

    I felt it eating away at my lungs, the unending ache in my spine, the weakness in my wrists and elbows. Prognosis: Terminal.

    I’m suddenly too tired.
    The light blinds, everything fades.

    I look up as the administrator removes the helmet.
    “Pretty cool sim. Right?”

  • Navig8r says:

    Neat! An interdimensional door. You don’t see those every day.

    Perhaps you’re speaking for yourself.

    I always wanted to visit Narnia. Shall we?

    I don’t think that’s where this one goes. Scruffy popped through and back yesterday morning and I haven’t been able to get him out from under the bed ever since. By the way, if you grab it by the frame, it can be moved.

    Handy feature. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Nightfall is coming and we could put it in the path of our city sponsored mostly peaceful rioters.

    Might make better citizens out of them.

  • Sheila Garrett says:

    She turned into the alley. The mob spilled past. They would be back; the road was a dead end.
    Where was it? Stephen had pinned the door back to 2015; these things lasted forever, unless the building was destroyed.
    She trotted down the alley, searching for the mark. Left… Right…no. Left…
    Right… She could hear the mob coming back. Nothing! Left…YES!! The infinity symbol, dark metal embedded in the door. She opened the door.
    The mob saw movement down the alleyway. They turned in; nothing was there. Their BLM and No ACB signs drooped. The conservative journalist had gotten away.

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