Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

The inspiration …

A story …

You’ve had that dream where you’re standing in front of class and realize you’re naked?

I’m calling because this isn’t a dream.

Remember my ex-wife? Our divorce so wonderfully civil I moved five states away and haven’t seen her for three years? Guess who showed at the facility end-of-term soiree last night on the arm of that dweeb teaching, Decadent Modernity, or some nonsense. I’m staring; she’s absolutely breathtaking! She drops the dweeb, all sweet and contrite, looking up at me with those depthless dark eyes and…

…yeah, I should have known.

Bring me some clothes and do stop laughing.


Now, your turn.

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  • […] The knowledge that one has been hoodwinked: they took my cockandballs. I sit on a step before a temple ruin. My flesh is become a metaphor for it. A cautionary tale. One should reject every Progressive utterance. There. Is. No. Corporate. Guilt. Not your country; not your civilization; not your gender. Their nonsense caught me in college and lasted as long as the decadent drug debauch. Liberated from manhood, I can only now reject being a victim, and dedicate my remaining heartbeats to opposing Progressive evil wherever it seeks to corrode and destroy that which is good, true, and lasting. — Picture via Darleen […]

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