Fourth of July At The White House During Snowstorm

Fourth of July At The White House During Snowstorm

Fourth of July At The White House During Snowstorm

It’s been snowing at the White House, as our Nina told you. That pesky bag of Cocaine apparently moved again. It was in the Library but now the tea is that it was in the West Wing. Money on Hunter? I don’t know, with the cavalry of incompetents hired, it could be anyone, but the show must go on. DOCTOR Jill, Secretary and Mrs. Austin, Joe and a random chaplain held a barbecue for military families to celebrate the Fourth of July at the White House. Presumably, the Secret Service was still searching for the source of the West Wing/Library snowstorm during the festivities.

Here is the write-up from the NYPost:

First son Hunter Biden returned to Washington, DC, on Tuesday following a Fourth of July weekend getaway to Camp David with his father and other members of the Biden family — during which a powdered substance found in the West Wing initially tested positive for cocaine.
President Biden, first lady Jill Biden, Hunter, his wife Melissa Cohen, their son Beau Jr. and Hunter Biden’s daughter Finnegan were all spotted disembarking Marine One at Fort McNair in Washington on Tuesday morning.
The White House pool report noted that Beau Biden Jr., “seemed reluctant” to get into one of the vehicles in the president’s motorcade that took the family back to the White House.
The 80-year-old president and his wife hosted a barbecue for active-duty military families on the White House lawn Tuesday evening ahead of a nighttime fireworks spectacular over the National Mall.

The Cocaine part is serious, I know that. But my major quibble is with the word “barbecue”. I know they didn’t barbecue. I bet there wasn’t a brisket or pork shoulder anywhere. I bet they had a Fourth of July grill out with hot dogs, hamburger and maybe some chicken wings. A barbecue is not grilling:

“For the Yankees, BBQ in the South is not to be used as a verb. Rather it is a noun. Throwing meat on a grill and slathering it with sauce is never referred to as barbecuing, or barbecue, by any true Southerner. In fact, if you invite me to a barbecue and you don’t serve me slowly smoked pig, I will refer to you properly and promptly as a Yankee. So, instead, when you grill your hamburgers, brats, pork chops, or steaks, invite us to a cookout or simply tell us you are grilling out. Got it? Good.”

Well, here is the video of the “Welcoming Remarks”:

What in the Rooms To Go is DOCTOR Jill wearing?

Is that fabric supposed to represent watermelon seeds or flip flops? Not a fan. Mrs. Austin’s ensemble looks much more appropriate. Oh well.

Hope the families enjoyed their cookout (not barbecue) at the White House. Military families and first responders pay the costs for the freedom the White House has with snowstorms and bad fashion. Happy Fourth of July.

Featured Image: White House YouTube Screenshot/Public Domain

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  • Stephen C says:

    Put aside the meaning of a white woman wearing a watermelon dress and tell me the meaning of Hunter always leaving things to be found. Tell me the meaning of why knowing for years Joe Biden sold state secrets but national security agents left things as is.

  • GWB says:

    and you don’t serve me slowly smoked pig
    Oh, stop being an idiot. Barbecue is a range of cooking techniques and has little to do with which animal is being cooked. It’s become tiresome hearing people define “what a Southerner is” by whether or not they put sugar in their ice tea or how they eat watermelon. Or telling me my Texas card has been revoked because I put beans in chili. (I can certainly go on a historical rant about that, if desired.)

    Yes, hamburgers and hot dogs* are not a “barbecue”. That’s barely even grilling. But please stop with the “only true Scotsman Southerner” thing.

    (* I wonder if they were serving any of the recalled hot dogs?)

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