Erasing Girls In The Name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Erasing Girls In The Name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Erasing Girls In The Name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

In the name of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity”, a private school in Massachusetts has chosen to empower girls by erasing them. This is just the latest 50 caliber round in the Left’s War On Women. Forget what DNA says and lady parts are meaningless. People are just genderless drones in service of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity”. I know the left now says Diversity, Equity and Inclusion because Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is abbreviated D.I.E, but erasing girls causes us all to die, so I prefer DIE.

The world is trying to cancel author J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter’s literary Mom) for saying girls are girls and boys are boys. At the same time, UPenn male swimmer Lia Thomas is being celebrated for growing his hair and wearing a girl’s swimsuit, while claiming to be a girl born in a man’s body. If there is one thing, one thing, that Far-Left feminists and Conservative women can come together to fight, it should be that erasing girls is a very bad thing. Please let us come together and fight for our existence.

The latest salvo in the War on Women comes from the private, “girls'” school, the Winsor School. According to the Private School Review, Winsor School, in Boston, Massachusetts, covers grades 5-12 and:

Founded in 1886, the Winsor School is an independent day school for academically motivated and promising girls in grades 5-12.
Winsor offers a rigorous academic program balanced by the arts and physical education in an environment of warmth and personal attention.
As a community, Winsor cherishes respect and generosity of spirit, and its mission underscores its commitment to diversity. Its size means girls build lasting friendships, and it encourages each girl to realize her own uniqueness and promise.

Notice that the word “girls” is used twice. No mas. That needs to be updated. In the name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, the Winsor School is erasing girls to empower them. The Winsor School has released its DIE study ironically named, Lift Every Voice, and girl is now a non-inclusive word. I dare anyone not thoroughly brain-washed to read that gobbledy-gook and not want to send it through the shredder. That stuff is thought control. It’s dangerous, destructive and erasing our girls in the name of Race and Inclusion.

From Legal Insurrection:

Although Winsor remains in its mission a school for “young women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world,” the school recognizes the importance of inclusive language. Winsor has, for example, adopted changes to its use of gendered language and pronouns to be more inclusive. External publications and communications have moved away from using “she, her, hers’’ and “your daughter,” replacing the former with “they, them, theirs” and the latter with “student.” Sensitivity is also paid to family structure. In Admission, for example, interviews are now called the “Adult family member interview” instead of the “Parent/guardian interview.” Faculty and staff are discouraged from addressing groups of students as “girls” and “ladies,” and teachers address students by their preferred pronouns.

This bunch of over-educated, mental midgets thinks they are empowering girls by ignoring their DNA, their lady parts and, for many of them, their natural inclination. Some of us, see featured image above, are girly girls. We enjoy being girls. As Nancy Kwan lip-synced in “Flower Drum Song”:

If the point of a girls’ school is to allow girls to learn in an environment free from the pressures of the “patriarchy” how does degendering or erasing girls move that along? And, if there are no such things as girls and sex is not binary, why is there a need for a girls’ school? I am not sure the puling, intolerants at the Winsor School thought this through to the end. The girls/persons of no specific gender in their charge are probably very confused.

As Kenny Wu wrote in Legal Insurrection:

Instead of trying to make a murky mess of “de-gendering” Winsor, why not draw upon the vast literature of social science that has studied girls’ achievement and teaching practices related specifically to the needs of women and implement those practices instead?

Winsor School’s DEI Plan and determination to blur the school’s central mission should raise concern for every reasonable parent who wishes to send their daughter to a school truly committed to engendering the kind of self-respecting, empowered woman they hope to raise at an all-girls school. The school’s Board should consider long and hard whether they truly want the school to go in this direction.

Let your girls be girls. Let them wear dresses and age-appropriate make-up. Let them wear jeans and combat boots. Let them dance and play sports. Let’s stop the War on Women. We are not government drones. We are important to the species continued existence.

Just so you know, the parents at Winsor School are paying $54,000 per annum for the privilege of having their girls erased.

Featured Image: Hazel Holt/All Rights Reserved

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  • Lloyd says:

    Hmmm…..Must wonder: Did all this nonsense begin with that silly Women’s March On Washington ? That really boosted the stock of American women, right? What it did was convince anyone with any kind of an illegitimate bitch to raise hell….for good reason, or not. Thanks, gals!

  • Jack says:

    Better to let Winsor D.I.E.

  • Pertinaxjak says:

    In our once free capitalist Republic, we apathetic Americans have allowed the neo-marxists and leftists over a period of decades to destroy everything that gives meaning to our lives: raising a family, religion (other than Islam), patriotism (eliminating the draft/pledge of allegiance),and the search for truth and knowledge (attack on scientific dissension). We, as free human beings, need both a pursuit of happiness (short term pleasures) and meaning in our lives. The Left is eliminating all meaning and much happiness in their quest for power. Power and control are the underlying holy grails of this new voracious religion with the holy tenets and objectives of eliminating racism, saving the planet from environmental devastation, and establishing equality of outcomes. Identity politics, divide and conquer, fostering envy and hatred and above all eroding the rule of law are the radical modus operandi. The COVID pandemic is manna from heaven for the Left to implement its dictatorship. Unless good men and women fight back, and fight back hard, we will lose the gains we made with Western Civilization and succumb to a new feudalism overseen by a religion that worships power. “One ring to bind them all and in the darkness bind them.” Tolkien

  • Toni Williams says:

    We are doing our little bit to fight back.


  • CaptRebel says:

    And just when you thought the country couldn’t get any crazier, many of the people who created Title IX are now trying to blow it up and in the most disgusting way possible.

  • Jack says:

    Sorry I disagree. Not because of science, there is none.

    This is what women wanted, to be able to choose your gender and gender roles. You didn’t think it would go this far, too bad. But you’ll say I didn’t want this, it was the feminists, ok. Then why didn’t sane women shout them down.

    As soon as it becomes more acceptable in the US, I will identify as a woman. Not because I am a weirdo but because I want that sweet sweet female privilege. To start, Ill save $500 a year in car insurance. Then I will get a promotion at work as a diversity candidate, we have those here.

    Then I will look at my pay, instead of being paid as a man without a masters in a sea of men with masters, I will be a woman paid less than the men. Ill yell pay gap and get a raise.

    You see this is a good thing for men but not so good for women. You see when you lose your female privilege it hurts. I understand

    But while it seems silly or even stupid it is the first step to everyone being equal. That’s s good thing.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    We’ve come a long long way from “I am woman, hear me roar!”

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