Dumb quote of the day

Dumb quote of the day

Too stupid not to post. From Jesse Taylor at Pandagon (emphasis mine):

Al-Qaeda’s number two calls Obama a house negro.

I suppose that there may have been some tiny, naive part of me (the same part that wistfully turns past Saturday morning cartoons wishing that I still had any interest in watching them) that sort of hoped al-Qaeda were equal-opportunity mass murderers, discriminating based solely on infidel status and unwilling to get involved in petty concerns of race and ethnicity.

However, I’m glad in a way that al-Qaeda’s now willing to not just be a group of callous, mass-murdering monsters, but callous, mass-murdering monsters who are actively searching for new and inventive ways to be even bigger fuckfaces. They were running the risk of becoming stale, let’s be real.

Couldn’t let you guys miss out on the idiocy of that statement. Just couldn’t.

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  • physics geek says:

    Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid. Pity Jesse.

  • Scott Jacobs says:

    actively searching for new and inventive ways to be even bigger fuckfaces.

    Does that mean I can call the lefties who labled Dr Rice, Collin Powell, Justice Thomas and others as “House niggers”, “Uncle Toms” and the like as fuckfaces now? Sweet.

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