Did Child Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan Lead to Marine’s Murder

Did Child Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan Lead to Marine’s Murder

Did Child Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan Lead to Marine’s Murder

The Sunday, September 20, 2015 issue of the New York Times contained an article by Joseph Goldstein titled U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies. There are so many disturbing claims in this article that one hardly knows where to begin.

The main thrust of the story is about Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley, Jr., USMC, who told his father, by phone, of hearing young boys sexually abused by Afghan allies screaming at night. His father urged the Marine to report this abuse up the chain of command. He told his father that they were told to look the other way “because it’s their culture”.

According to Stripes.com, the online version of Stars and Strips, the Lance Corporal was shot in the chest and stomach while he lifted weights. He was killed in 2012 by the 15 year old male “servant” of a local police commander with an AK-47. The local commander was infamous for Bacha Bazi or “boy play”. The rape of young boys. The local commander, Mr. Jan, still has “a toothache problem” which is the local way of saying that he likes young boys.

According to the New York Times article:

Lance Corporal Buckley’s father still agonizes about whether the killing occurred because of the sexual abuse by an American ally. “As far as the young boys are concerned, the Marines are allowing it to happen and so they’re guilty by association,” Mr. Buckley said. “They don’t know our Marines are sick to their stomachs.”

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Congressman Vern Buchanan has sent a letter to Chairman of the Joint Chief’s Martin Dempsey regarding, not only the toleration of child rape in Afghanistan, but the punishment of our military personnel for interfering with rape of the Chai Boys. Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense, received a copy of the article.

This video shows several boys dancing for men.

Our soldiers, sailors, air men and Marines are tasked with a nearly impossible job. The Rules of Engagement are against our military personnel. The establishment elite within our own country mouth pretty words, but don’t back them up with concrete action, and The Veterans Administration is worse than useless, it’s dangerous.

So, life is cheap in Afghanistan. While they are in country, military personnel are told to look the other way as precious children are raped. They are told it is part of the culture of the people they are protecting. If our military personnel speak up, their careers may be ruined. If they don’t speak up, PTSD, depression and possibly suicide.

We protect a worthless culture. We hang our brave military personnel out to dry…or worse. Let us hope that Lance Corporal Buckley’s family can get some answers.

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